Damascus steel blades

October 29, 2018
Damascus blade occupies a special place in the history of edged weapons. The steel from which such edged weapons are made is a material with an ancient history. Damascus blade has always been very highly valued for its unique properties. These blades were often handed down from father to son from generation to generation. The history knows examples when per the Damascus blade have was given away countless riches. Damascus steel is known about since the 2nd century of our era. The secret of making the Damascus blade has been kept in the strictest confidence for centuries. The unique technology allowed the ancient masters to create reliable and at the same time sophisticated weapons. This edged weapon has always been famous for its durability and elegance of patterns. It is precisely the sophisticated technique of making of Damascus blade provides a unique and unrepeatable pattern on each of the blades. Surprisingly, the Damascus blade does not come from Damascus, but from India. The city of Damascus has never really been famous for its blacksmiths and gunsmiths. It got its name, most likely from Europeans, because the arms trade was very developed in Damascus and these blades were offered in large quantities by local merchants. That is, Damascus was a kind of Weapon Exchange, where for the needs of the army and not only, weapons steel and blades were bought; a special kind of which, later received the name "Damascus Blade". Buy online damascus knives here: https://noblie.eu/product-categories/silver-age/ Visit online knife store NOBLIE: https://noblie.eu/product-categories/knives/ Collectible and damascus daggers, shop now: https://noblie.eu/product-categories/daggers/ Collectible damascus hunting dagger for sale: https://noblie.eu/products/dagger-magnificent-features/ Custom damascus saber for sale: https://noblie.eu/products/persian-saber-shamshir/ Damascus steel dagger Damascus art dagger Damascus steel custom knife Damascus hunting dagger Damascus skinner knife Damascus custom knife Damascus art knife Damascus art dagger Damascus custom dagger Damascus art knives Damascus custom saber Damascus art saber
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