Engraved pocket knives

August 6, 2023
engraved pocket knives

Welcome again to the Best knife blog. You’re in for a thrilling journey on today’s blog post. We’ll be discussing on a very special class of knife – Engraved Pocket Knives.

What is it about engraved knives

Engraving is the general practice of incising designs on a hard surface; often these surfaces are flat. Engraving is done by creating grooves on such surface for form words or shape.

Engraved Knives  are another class of Customized Knives. Customized knives are general designed to meet an individual’s specific functional, fashionable and personality needs and desires. Engraved Knives goes a notch higher by imprinting individual names, desired figures on such knife blades and or handles, making such knife piece very personal to the user. Engraved Knives are thus very unique, special and personalized knives.

Why are engraved knives becoming so popular

The benefits of Engraved Knives are numerous which has set these set of knives so desirable. Some benefits include:

Durability: Engraved knives are generally manufactured with high quality material, and at Noblie Collectibles, quality is what we offer each and every time.

You can trust engraved knives from our collection to last for several years and decades, especially when you care for these knives properly.

Anti-Theft: A person is less likely to steal a knife engraved with someone else’s name, initial or identity as compared to a knife that’s not engraved.

Great Gift Piece: These set of knives are a special present for knife lovers and none knife lovers alike, with the personalized special touch and feelings.

Engraved knife as a perfect gift


Quiet often people receive gifts that the rarely put to use, but that’s really different, as people who receive the gift of an engraved knife love to put it use frequently, since they feel that personal touch.


A suitable engraved knife can be found for different personalities and professionals.

  • If you’re to gift an engraved knife to a Profession e.g. Doctor, Lawyer, Clergy, etc. – The Executive Engraved Knife is the right choice.
  • For some who loves to fish – We recommend The Engraved Filet Knife.
  • For the friend who enjoys outdoor activities – The All Time Classic Sharpfinder is the real deal. 
  • Considering a personalized and useful gift for someone going to college? Think no further, we have you covered with the Engraved Pocket Knife with bottle opener.


For someone who isn’t a knife lover, a knife gift may not seem personal or something to be cherished as compared to a knife lover, that’s where engraving comes in. When engraved with the name or personal or favorite phrase of the recipient, it becomes a very personal gift.  This shows the recipient how thoughtful you are.


With all we’ve said so far about Engraved Knives, one may worry about the cost/affordability of an engraved knife.

As surprising as it may appear, Engraved Knives are really affordable as one can always find a piece that fits your budget. You can also make a pick from a wide range of options. From about $30 and more, one can find an Engraved Knife that suits you.

Types of engraved knives

At this point, we’ll take a sneak peek into some of the best knives that can be personalized by engraving. 

Numerous knives are available; with different range is size, price, etc. To help you make a decision on what you really need, you must first settle the questions of – Is it for my personal use, who am I gifting it to, and what it will be deployed for (its use)?

We have variety of options from which you can make a pick, we shall consider a few that are very good for engraving, utility and presentable as gifts.

The SOG Twitch 2

This is a straight blade knife, easy to deploy really attractive knife piece.

Its features:

AUS8 Stainless steel blade, An Aluminum handle, A reliable blade lock system. There is also the option of an anodized 6061-T6 hard aluminum handle. The performance and style of this elite knife range is one on its popular and notable feature.

The SOG are popular amongst the Military and Law Enforcement Officers.

They are dependable tools, and there designs reveal good innovative concepts.

Gifting this flawless engraved knife to a friend or relative in the Military will certainly be a Wow Gift and greatly appreciated.

SOG Twitch 2 knife

The Victorinox Classic SD 

This knife is perfect for an outdoor activity personality. An outdoor person should and must have this knife piece.

With a measurement of 2.3 inches in length and weight of less than one ounce, it’s so convenient to carry about. 

engraved Victorinox Classic knife

Its features: 

A blade, Nail file, Screwdriver, Pair of scissors, Metal tweezers and Toothpick.

Engraving this knife for fisherman, camper, hunter or hiker will be such an ideal and appreciated gift.  Generally, anyone would appreciate this  Victorinox  engraved piece. This piece is also noted to be appreciated by scouts.

As many as 30 letters can be engraved on the shield side of the knife handle.

personalized Victorinox Classic knife

The Spyderco Dragonfly 

Another piece we will consider in the section is the Spyderco Dragonfly (what a name, smiling). This knife is a small pocket knife, with significant cutting ability.

Its features:

VG-10 steel blade, 5.5 inches in length, Weight of 2 ounces.

It’s an ideal everyday carry about knife. Its work and performance is larger than its size. The quality of the knife is superb and the design is really attractive. This knife piece when Engrave is a perfect gift for just about anyone. Both the blade and handle can be engraved.

engraved Spyderco Dragonfly

The Kershaw 1660 Leek 

For the want of time and space, we’ll wrap up this section with the Kershaw 1660 Leek. It ranks amongst the best available.

Its features:

A 3 inches stainless steel Blade and Handle, Its razor sharp, considered almost indestructible.

Mechanism of opening of the blade is very smooth, with just a mild pressure on its torsion bar. Coming in at a weight of 3.2, which makes it another convenient carry about piece that comes in handy for daily activities. 

This knife piece is hard to give up and recommend as a self-gift and people of great importance in one’s life, as it will be greatly appreciated and treasured, especially when engraved. 

engraved Kershaw 1660 Leek

Engraving methods

There are different  Engraving  Methods. The choice of the method to be used depends largely on the blade and handle of the knife, as well as intended engraving design.

Some methods for engraving knives include:

Mechanical/Rotary Engraving

This is the oldest method of engraving. It involves the use of a spinning cutter to create the required grooves on the knife. It can be done using a machine and manually as well. It is a difficult process and is done by skilled professionals who have had years of practice. 


This process is same as metal electrolysis. In this process, only the part of the blade to be engraved is exposed, and other areas are covered with a sheet or tape.

The blade is then submerged in a solution of salt-water, followed by the application of electrical current to the blade, the required shape of the material is then permanently deposited on the blade.

Fiber Laser Deep Engraving

This is the standard process used for importing logos on a blade. It involves the application of high-power laser on the blade’s surface; this vaporizes the top layer of the blade and forms deep grooves.

This method is suitable for making 3D Engraving Designs. This process has the slight disadvantage of mild reduction of the blade strength.

Fiber Laser Etching

This is another very common method of engraving knives and imprinting on metals. You can easily get a readymade Laser-etched knife in the market. This process is similar to that to engraving, but the groove depth is different. It can be utilized for 2D blade design, but can’t make a 3-dimension design format.

Chemical Etching Method

In the Chemical Etching Method, chemical is applied to the surface of the blade, the blade is usually preheated or heated slightly afterwards. This chemical etches the blade surface, forming shallow grooves. This method is successfully applied with reduction in the strength of the blade.

Frequently asked questions

When we discuss the subject of engraving knives two common questions usually come up. They are:

Where Can I Engrave a Pocket Knife?

Specialized Engraving Shops: Many cities have specialized engraving shops that work with various metals and objects. They usually have skilled craftsmen who can create intricate designs.

Online Customization Services: Several online retailers offer customization services, including engraving pocket knives. They typically provide options to choose from predetermined designs or upload your own.

Jewelry Stores: Some jewelry stores offer engraving services and have the equipment necessary to engrave metal objects like pocket knives.

Gun and Knife Shows: Depending on where you live, you might find engravers at gun and knife shows. These vendors often specialize in custom engravings for various weaponry and tools.

Manufacturers: Some pocket knife manufacturers provide customization services, including engraving. This might be a good option if you’re purchasing a new knife and want it engraved by the manufacturer for quality assurance.

Local Trophy and Award Shops: These stores often offer engraving services and might be able to accommodate your request for engraving a pocket knife.

DIY Options: If you’re skilled in engraving or willing to learn, you can purchase engraving tools and create your designs at home.

Remember to consider factors like cost, quality, and turnaround time when choosing a location for engraving. Also, ensure that you provide clear instructions on the design and ask for a preview if possible to avoid any misunderstandings.

How Many Characters Can I Engrave on My Knife?

This is usually dependent on the kind and length of the blade and handle.

Some blades can make room for up to 20-30 characters, this is largely dependent on the size and length of blade to be engraved. Certain handles can perfectly fit in approximately 15 characters.

Flat handles and handles made of metal and wood are easier to engrave than handles made of other materials.


Having been equipped the right knowledge on engraving knives, it’s time to own an engraved knife yourself or gift one to someone special to make and make that long lasting impression. Where else to turn to for the best engraved knives and deals other than your favorite Noblie Collectibles.



Can i get a pocket knife engraved?

Certainty yes! You can decide to have the handle, blade or both engraved. You can also choice from a variety of designs, ranging from objects, letters to numbers. It’s a good way to give one’s self a savvy feeling.

Why is hand engraving so expensive?

Hand engraving is really expensive, because it takes time to make, training and special equipment are also needed. The materials utilized for hand engraving are also on the expensive side.

What is the best type of engraving?

The choice of engraving depends on a number of factors and personal presence too.

However to answer this question directly, we say Laser engraving is Best cos of its advantages. This method is non-contact, so wear and tear of the knife is very minimal. Its very fast, clean and appealing to the eyes.

Final words

By engraving your  pocket knives,  you are making sure you have a knife that is uniquely yours. You can also engrave about almost anything you choose to on your knife’s blade and or handle. You can engrave your name, someone else’s name, a word or phrase, even a statement of affection.

Receiving a personalized Engraved Knife is always a treasured and cherished gift, leaving a lasting positive and cheerful impression.

An engraved knife is a perfect gift for about any occasion – birthday, wedding, graduation, thank you present, and anyone – an executive, a friend, loved one,  someone in the military, law enforcement officer, student and anyone else you wish to make happy and cheerful.

Why get a gift that may never be used for that special person; get an Engraved Knife and make them go WOW.


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