Expensive Damascus knives

March 17, 2022

Let’s first remember what Damascus steel is. In its pure form, iron is not suitable for cold weapons at all — the metal is too soft. Therefore, for thousands of years, since the Bronze Age, mankind has been using alloys of iron with other metals. And the main component in this composition is carbon. It is he who gives the alloy increased strength and hardness. For example, take at least an ordinary iron nail and a rail from the railway – do you feel the difference in strength? In the first case, the carbon content is minimal, and in the second — increased.
So, Damascus is a material that consists of several alloys with different carbon content – as if a rail and iron nails were taken and forged together. Alloys in the form of plates are joined together by forging. Up to 600 layers can be bound in one knife! What gives such a combination of alloys? Iron and various alloying additives give the knife elasticity. And high-carbon steels — high hardness and strength.

So, we have decided that Damascus knives cannot be cheap. However, today we offer you to get acquainted with the assortment of really expensive Damascus knives, those that came from the author’s blacksmith of the best Noblie masters.

Trophy Prey: Wild Boar, Bear, Deer

Expensive Damascus art knife “TROPHY PREY: WILD BOAR, BEAR, DEER”. The most expensive Damascus steel knife presented in our store. A beautiful knife with a carved wooden handle. The combination of hard layers of steel and soft layers of steel give the knife such properties as a sharp cut, increased hardness, resistance to staining. These properties, combined with an excellent appearance, make this model an exclusive copy, suitable for replenishing any, even the coolest collection.

Velocity. Hunting With Cheetah

Custom art knife “VELOCITY. HUNTING WITH CHEETAH”. An interesting exotic knife. If the knife is not used as a gift, but, as reason logically dictates, to buy for yourself and use for its intended purpose, then you can fully appreciate its excellent working qualities. The blade steel is specially designed for blades with high cutting and performance properties. As a result of repeated welding and forging of several steels, Damascus steel is obtained from a dozen layers with a hardness of 58 HRC.

Custom knife “WOLF. ABSOLUTE HUNTER”. Another expensive Damascus knife made of high-carbon Damascus steel. The scabbard and handle of this knife are decorated in the technique of engraving on steel, silver was used in the design. A very detailed impression of the wolf’s head on the pommel was made. A knife can be a great expensive gift to an important person for you. Its price is fully justified by the exclusive appearance and working properties of the Damascus steel blade.

However, subtle external differences between these modern materials can only be noticed by a professional. But Damascus is a beautiful alloy, thanks to which each knife is individual! This aesthetics, plus huge labor costs, retain the attractiveness of knives from Damascus to this day. If there is no such knife in your collection yet, it cannot be called complete.

Especially for you, we have selected videos on the subject of this article!

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