Gift Knife Ideas

June 2, 2021

Gift Knife Ideas

Choosing a gift is not easy: especially if your thoughts revolve around knife gift ideas. Before buying, it is usually determined for whom it is intended. The best gift for an office worker who spends his working day in his office is decorative models. Fans of hunting, fishing or outdoor activities choose gifts by functionality. When choosing a gift, they also look at the raw materials for the blade. Gift Knife Ideas vary depend on preferences and cost.custom knife scrimshaw

Tactical Comb Cold Steel Honey Comb

Who said that gift knives for men are? There is also a purely female version on sale. Girls are not against a custom gift in the form of a small knife. American innovators have combined two accessories: a comb and a “piercing-cutting” object. Knives are made from Zytel material. The composition allows you to tolerate high temperatures well when drying with a hairdryer and has shockproof characteristics. The size of the hairbrush is 20cm and the weight is 277g. This is a vivid example of a souvenir with a budget of up to 30 USD.

gift knife

Boker Magnum Buddy

German knives, made of 440A stainless alloy, are popular in diving and camping. The hardening hardness of the material is in the range of 54-57HRC. Folding knives with G-10 handles are resistant to moisture and fading. The length of the Buddy model is 199mm, with a weight of 126g. The price segment of “spicy” products of this class does not exceed  100 dollars.

Antonini Old Bear 9306 XL

Budget folding gift models for clients were prepared by Italian craftsmen. The price of the gift will be below 3 thousand rubles. Knives made of carbon alloy C67 Carbon steel are durable and wear-resistant. However, the material is susceptible to corrosion. Care after using knives represents the following sequence of work:

  • Wash;
  • Wipe the blade dry;
  • Lubricate with oil.

The hardness of the material is 57-58 Rockwells. Knives are fixed on a wooden handle with a rotary sleeve. Blade weight 80g, with a size of 23cm.

Benchmade H&K Snody Instigator

Stelny knives Mike Snodi are handmade. Manufacturing began in Taiwan and then continued in the United States of America. Knives have a fixed design and a size of 190mm. The all-metal base is made of stainless steel AUS-8. Due to the fact that the blanks do not have a handle, the products are lightweight. In particular, the Snody Instigator weighs only 65g. Buying a similar gift includes a plastic sheath for the “piercing-cutting” object and a string for fastening. The price of souvenir products is 4350 rubles

Souvenir dagger – Kizlyar

The Russian model was created for connoisseurs of history. Knives with a length of 0.45 m are suitable as a decorative gift. They are also worn with the national Cossack costume. Blade weight – 290g. The blade of the knife is shaped like a Spear Point. It is made of AUS-8 stainless alloy with a hardness of 57-59 HRC. The handle and scabbard are carefully crafted and covered with cupronickel. The cost of the gift is 760 dollars.

Big Cold Steel Luzon

Big folding knives are often favored by travelers. Therefore, American manufacturers offer them as a gift. Oversized knives (343mm in size and 259g in weight) are convenient. The price for a gift is acceptable – 120 dollars. Damask knives are without distinctive characteristics, but solid 8Cr13MoV. The handle is made of GFN thermoplastic. It is impact-resistant and abrasion-resistant. The handle has a limiter that protects the hand from slipping and makes it easier to work with knives.

Spyderco Efficient

Another foldable inexpensive gift – 5130 rubles. The blade alloy is the same as in the previous version – 8Cr13MoV. The handle is made of indestructible G10 material. Product weight 120g., Length 185mm.

Karambit Cold Steel Steel Tiger

Many people prefer aggressive gifts. Knives from the tiger’s claw family will appeal to such persons. The Japanese have been famous for their ability to make blades since ancient times. AUS-8A stainless steel is often used for knives.The blade is sharp for a long time and sharpens quickly. Kraton – “sticky” analogue of rubber is suitable for the handle. This material is heat resistant, does not wear off and allows a firm grip on knives. Gift weight 155g, size 226mm. Product price – 89 dollars.

Collectible Thier Lux – Claude Dozorme

The French company is leaning towards minimalist design. Thier Lux was an exception in many ways. It combines individual design with the minimalism of a foldable design. Collectible knives 0.185 m long are covered with an ornament similar to the weaving of a mat. A gift will please a fan of oriental philosophy, martial arts and mysticism. The active traveler can easily put the blade into practice. The price of such knives is 210 dollars.

Spyderco Dragonfly 2

Knives from the American manufacturer conquer lovers of outdoor activities. With a size of 14cm, the model fits comfortably in the hand. The nylon handle has a notches and finger groove.. The handle material is resistant to impact, open fire and temperature extremes. The blade is made of quality VG-10 damask steel. A compact gift weighs 33g. The price fluctuates around 230 dollars.knife for gift

Buck 110

The most popular folding knives for connoisseurs of “sharp” presents. The blade is made of 420HC stainless steel and the handle is made of stabilized wood make the model a truly man’s gift. Knives of the American brand will not fade and oxidize less during use. Present size – 219mm, weight – 210g. The price segment of knives of this class is in the range of 110-250 art knife

Multi-tool Leatherman Wave +

American manufacturers have developed a 241g stainless alloy product. The tool includes 18 components:

  • Straight and serrated blades;
  • 3 screwdrivers for various purposes;
  • 2 bottle openers;
  • Wire stripper;
  • Tongs for wires;
  • Scissors;
  • Saw on wood;
  • Pliers: needle and regular;
  • 2 types of wire cutters;
  • Diamond file;
  • A nail file;
  • Ruler 19cm.

A knife is convenient when used with one hand in nature. The blade length is 70mm. When folded, the gift takes only 0.1m. The price of a multi-tool is 270 dollars.

Kershaw Link

Folding functional knives of the American brand are lightweight – 137g. Dimensions in 195mm allow you to carry a weapon in your pocket every day. Knives are made of strong powder steel CPM-20CV. The aluminum handle follows the curves of the palm for a secure grip. Acquisition cost – 290 dollars.

Hunter knives Helle Sylvsteinen H-44G

For camping, Norwegian development is perfect. Three-layer stainless steel damask knives will quickly cope with planing trees or cutting game. The handle made of Karelian birch and natural horn fits comfortably in your hand. Product weight 150g. A leather sheath protects the straight, fixed blade from dirt. The total length of the knife is 247mm. Handmade will cost 320 dollars.

Cleaver Gerber Fastball

American manufacturers have provided several advantages for customers:

  • 20CV cleaver blade;
  • BOSS Tech system for easy deployment of foldable products;
  • The presence of a lock facilitating carrying and storage;
  • Use of three positions;
  • Suitable for right-handers and left-handers;
  • The design is presented in two colors: blue and brown;
  • Size 0.18m, weight 76.5g.

The gift costs 140 USD.

Set XXL Thier – Claude Dozorme

The French developed picnic knives. This custom set consists of two foldable items. The dimensions of a knife or fork are 366mm. For the manufacture of the blade used high quality stainless steel with a mirror polish. The cost of the set is 450 dollars.

Benchmade 162 Bushcrafter Knife

The American manufacturer presented a gift for those who like outdoor recreation, with a currency value of US $ 215. The purchase of knives is complemented by a deerskin sheath with a D-ring, a flint rod loop and a locking strap. The fixed blade is 0.11m long made of S30V stainless alloy and has a hardness of 58-60HRC. The knife handle is made of green G10 polymer and vulcanized gasket. They are hand-sealed using pressed titanium tubes. The weight of the knife is 219g.

SpydieChef от Spyderco Marcin Slysz

The folding chef novelty is a gift from Taiwan manufacturers. Knives measuring 0.20m are made from damask LC200. It has high strength and corrosion resistance parameters. The most durable titanium alloy Ti6Al4V is used for the gift handle. The price of the model is 750 dollars.

RJ Martin’s Design – Zero Tolerance brand

The American company creates knives of the highest quality. For the manufacture of each model, they:

  • collaborate with leading designers;
  • use modern materials;
  • provide high reliability.

The knives are in the form of Clip Point. The length of the product is 191mm, and the weight is 95g. The blade is made of damask steel with a hardness of 60-62 HRC using powder technology. The benefits of a gift become apparent in practice:

  • Good toughness
  • Durability of knives (knives);
  • Tolerance to temperature changes;
  • Cutting edge hardness;
  • Smooth cut.

The material for the gift pen is a 6Al4V Titanium alloy. The lightweight design of the knives includes a ceramic bearing on the axle screw. The cost of production is 820 dollars.

Business Shark – North Crown

The blade is suitable as an expensive gift knife “for a man who has everything.” A unique design from a domestic manufacturer will complement the interior of any office. The total size of the knife is 0.25m. The blade is made of durable Damascus steel. The gift handle design is created using granite, silver, ebony and pomegranate. The price of the “Shark” is 3200 dollars.

Eternal Love – NOBLIEscrimshaw knife

The handmade of a NOBLIE manufacturer makes a similar gift – a work of art. A custom knife  will decorate the table of a leader or a lover, because the meaning of creation is multifaceted. On the one hand, the composition reflects the infinity of the universe, and on the other, the power of love between two lovers.

Knife 195 mm long, forged from a high-alloy with a hardness of 58-60 Rockwells. Knife engraving is in the form of a dragonfly wing. For knife handles, mammoth tusks are used. The gift stand consists of a clam shell. Product weight – 106g. The statuette blade is an expensive present, its price is 6000 dollars.

Space – N.C. Custom

A knife from a Russian brand has a modern design. The material is CPM S30V alloy with a hardness of 60-61 HRC. Knife size 275mm. Chopped shapes, bright accents, G10 insulating material make it look like a gift from a computer game. The creators believe that this is a knife of the future. Sample weight 263g. A gift knife costs 7000 dollars.

Sputnik – Northern Crown

The blade of a knife made of Damascus reliable steel has a curved shape. This gift represents the composition: the planet Earth and the hovering satellite – the crescent. The stand is made of ebony. The knife is decorated with stars. The crescent moon and globe are made of mammoth ivory. The meridians and parallels are made of silver. Russian masters depicted the contours of the continents on Earth using the scrimshaw point technique. Knife length 250mm. The cost of a work of weapons art is 7000 USD.

Frigate of Fortune – North Crown brand

Another expensive custom souvenir included in the table composition. The cost of a copy is 12000 USD, and it is made only to order. Russian gunsmiths have created a gift worthy of the “chosen ones by fate”. The gilded hull of the frigate rests on an azure hemisphere. She symbolizes the depths of the sea. Bulwark is decorated with silver and semi-precious stones. The mast is a double-edged blade made of solid Damascus steel. The hilt is carved from the ivory of an extinct elephant mammal. The blade is engraved with gilding. At the top of the mast there is a horseshoe with a gold coin for good luck.

The choice of knives as a gift depends on various factors. For example, the amount of money, the preferences of the donee or the relationship of the donor to the person to whom the present is presented. In the presented selection, everyone will find a gift weapon suitable for a budget and sunk into the soul.

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