Glorious porcelain chess

July 11, 2022

Exclusive porcelain chess

The history of chess dating back over 1500 years. Invented in India in the 5th and 6th centuries, they spread throughout the world. Chess is an integral part of human culture. Unique chess sets in which chess pieces are a kind of miniature sculptures have long been known. Such chess pieces were made to order and often from very expensive materials, such as precious metals and stones, rare woods, and porcelain. An exciting board game has been the privilege of aristocrats for many centuries. Even in ancient times, a game set could emphasize the status of a high-ranking person. During the game of chess, important negotiations were concluded or military strategies were developed in the process of moving pieces around the chess field.

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Are luxury chess sets worth it?

The most simple and not expensive chess is suitable for playing chess. But when there is a need to make a unique gift, to surprise and delight a person, we recommend paying attention to luxury chess set.

If you are looking for a unique gift, then the answer is definitely “Yes!”

Luxurious chess is a prestigious accessory that emphasizes the status of the owner and that every self-respecting man should have. Spending time playing, a person improves and increases his intellectual abilities. Thus, by presenting a rare chess set, you will emphasize the erudition of a person. After all, chess is a symbol and standard of the human mind.

porcelain chess set Naval Battleporcelain chess set

Which is the most expensive chess set?

Chess sets made of gold, precious stones and with a high level of craftsmanship can cost from several thousand dollars to several tens of thousands and even several million dollars. Another example of expensive chess is the handmade chess carved from mammoth tusk.

The high labor intensity of manufacturing such exclusive chess pieces, the rarity and price of a high-quality mammoth tusk determine the cost of a chess set up to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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Custom porcelain chess sets

Today we will consider another type of exclusive chess – made by hand from porcelain. Porcelain chess sets  have a great look and unique design. As a rule, porcelain chess with high artistic value are created based on historical events, paintings, portraits and have a sculptural similarity with important historical characters. The hand painting of each figure is also laborious and requires a highly skilled artist. Exclusive porcelain chess Noblie are both objects of art, performing decorative properties to decorate luxurious interiors, and are used as a board game.

Exclusive porcelain chess Naval BattleExclusive porcelain chess Naval Battle on 1571

Why are chess sets so expensive?

Porcelain chess of Noblie collection contains chess pieces ranging in height from five to 25 centimeters. Each chess piece impresses with its originality, variety of colors, and abundance of small details. It is hard to believe but each figure is all in one. They are made of porcelain. Each porcelain figure goes through about ten stages of processing. It takes our sculptor 2-3 years to design a new porcelain chess set. Since it takes about one month to make a new sculpture, model, mold for casting from porcelain. When all the models are ready, then can cast the chess pieces into molds. This is followed by several stages of firing, painting with special paints and glazes, coating with gold and platinum of individual decorative elements. The process of making porcelain chess is very long and requires a high skill of the sculptor, porcelain firing master and artists. It is a large number of highly skilled handicrafts that determine the uniqueness, rarity and high prices of porcelain chess sets.

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How much do exclusive porcelain chess sets cost?

On the market, you will find various offers for the price, on average the price of porcelain chess is in the range of several thousand dollars. If you want to purchase exclusive handmade chess with high artistic and collectible value, then you will need from seven to 15 thousand dollars. In addition, pay attention to the chessboard and the packaging of the chess set. Luxury chess should include a matching beautiful chessboard.

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