Hand engraving on knives

November 13, 2022

What is hand engraving?

Tools and Techniques of a hand engraver.

Types of Hand Engraving.

Can you engrave a knife blade?

Where to get a knife engraved near me?

engraving of knives


hand engraving technique

bulino hand engraving guns

bulino engraving

Bulino engraving technique

knife engraving hand engraving knife engraving knife

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Damascus steel is easily recognized for watery or wavy patterns in various shades. While easy on the eye, the material is surprisingly tough and has great edge retention. Modern Damascus steel is a result of patter-welding several steel types. You can forge Damascus steel at home, but it is a process that takes a plenty of time and attention to get a distinctively adorned pattern. Apart from being exceptionally good for basic cutting, Damascus steel is frequently used to make chef knives that can withstand the toughest job. Crafting Damascus steel is a great way to upgrade your knife-forging skills.
Handle making can be done in several different ways depending on the tang of the knife. Full tang knives usually have handle scales either pinned, riveted, or screwed on to the tang itself while knives without a full tang may be inserted into a solid handle and then attached in one of the previously stated methods. Handle materials can range from natural materials including wood or elk horn to man-made materials like brass, plastic, polymer or micarta. A knife makers grinder may have additional attachments for making knife handles, such as small diameter contact wheels.
Although to a beginner it might seem that a quality blade is everything required to make a knife a perfect cutting tool, the reality is a bit more complicated. The grind is an aspect often overlooked by knife owners, and every true knife lover has to understand how the grind impacts the use of a knife. The word ‘grind’ stands for the shape of knife’s blade and depicts how exactly the blade is made thin enough to cut with it. Explore the different edge types, their properties and strengths, to better understand how to have the best of your knife.
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