Handmade custom knives

December 3, 2017
Knife composition “The elephants” These are forceful, honorable and stable symbolic animals. Primarily, an elephant is associated with good luck, fortune and protection and presents oneself a blessing upon all new projects.The main theme of elephants is shown all over the composition: fine engraved figures on the stainless blade, handle, carved on the mammoth tusk and the small figure in front. Additional decorative wooden pedestal. Knife composition “Wild Africa” Life in the raw and the strive to survive, being one part of the eternal circle of nature. Fine deep engraving of zebras on the blade of Bohler N695 steel. Detailed scrimshaw picture on the handle of mammoth tusk. Knife composition”Domination. The lion” Undisputed right of the mighty ones to rule. The figure of the lion is represented in different techniques of metal work and decoration. Blade of Bohler N695 steel with deep engraving. Handle of mammoth tusk with titanium guard and pommel. Scrimshaw decoration with detailed pictures. Wooden pedestal with two decorative parts. A figure of gazelle, made of mammoth tusk in front. https://noblie.eu/product-categories/art-of-engraving/ Handmade custom knives Handmade custom knives  
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This collectible knife sold and at now is in a private collection.
Today we want to pay attention to knives with handles decorated with pictures in the technique of the scrimshaw.
Quality is guaranteed by blades made of carbon or stainless steel. Each blade type has its own advantages and disadvantages. Carbon steel blade rusts and therefore require special processing. Regular use is the best way to keep the blade from rusting, but you can also coat the blade with solution.