How and what cane to choose?

March 23, 2022

People started using the cane many centuries ago. As in the time of the pharaohs or the same pilgrims, today this tool serves as a support and helps in movement. You can find very interesting canes with a blade. In the past, this interesting attribute was a constant companion of men from high society. Burghers also wore such canes.
How to choose this accessory correctly and what should you pay attention to, first of all?

How to choose a handle

To buy a cane of good quality means to pay attention to the convenience of the handle, the strength of the support and the material used to make the blade. First of all, let’s look at how to choose the right pen.
When buying, you should pay attention to the following indicators:
* Handle size;
* Form;
* Material used for manufacturing
Human skin is sensitive, so the handle should be made of a pleasant to the touch, hypoallergenic material. The hand should never slip. The best option that meets all these requirements can be considered wood.
Metals are often used to make the handles of stylish exclusive canes. It can be stainless steel, brass or even silver or gold. As for the shape, the classic curved handle is not the only option. Very interesting and exclusive models. Such, for example, as the head of a bird or an animal.

What should I pay attention to when choosing a support?

The main requirement that is imposed on the support of the cane is strength and reliability. Usually hard woods are used for the manufacture of this part. Models with carving or engraving, combined with the design of the handle, look very stylish.
Such models can often be considered real works of art. Such canes are not just a tool that should be used as a support when walking. This is a truly elegant and stylish addition to a men’s suit.

The length of the cane is also important. This parameter is selected as follows. It is necessary to wear shoes worn constantly. Then stand up so that your back is as flat as possible, lower your arms, relax them and bend slightly at the elbow (at an angle of about 20 degrees). The handle should be on the wrist at the same time.

A cane with a blade is an extremely stylish accessory. It can be a wonderful gift for any man. A very good choice in this case can be a cane with a blade made of Damascus steel.
Blades made of this material have been in great demand for several centuries. You can recognize Damascus steel by its characteristic repeating pattern.
The cutting capacity of tools made of this material exceeds the cutting capacity of stainless steel by 2-3 times. This material acquires such remarkable properties as a result of combining blanks made of different grades of steel.

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