How to properly care for a Damascus knife

February 18, 2022

Damascus steel is one of the most unique materials due to its unusual appearance (unique patterns on the surface of steel), significant strength and excellent cutting properties. Such steel is excellent as a starting material for the manufacture of knives intended for hunting, for which it is famous and highly appreciated all over the world.

Features of Damascus steel

This steel is famous for a set of characteristics that are inherent directly only to this material. These qualities allow knives made of Damascus steel to be three times superior in quality to products made of any other material, due to their unique cutting properties. However, such knives have one significant disadvantage: high susceptibility to corrosion. This is due to the fact that such a metal is made on the basis of carbon steels, which are prone to rust. However, if the custom knife is properly cared for, such a prospect is not terrible for you.

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Practical recommendations for the care of knives

In order for your knife to last you as long as possible without losing its basic qualities, you need to remember a few simple rules for the care of the product. Firstly, in order to avoid the appearance of rust on the surface of the blade, it must be thoroughly cleaned after each use. At the same time, not only the cutting surface is cleaned, but also the handle. Secondly, after cleaning, the blade must be treated with vegetable or synthetic oil. In extreme cases, you can use fat. It is important to know that if the amount of lubricant is too much, it will negatively affect the product.

A knife made of this steel is stored only in a place with low humidity. The effect of acid and alkali, both of organic and synthetic origin, will be detrimental to the pattern on the blade, so due attention should be paid to cleaning and storing the knife. Only in case of proper operation, it will serve you for a long time without losing its attractiveness.

Even though you don’t use the knife for a long time, it still needs to be lubricated with a certain frequency. It is also necessary to ensure that rust does not form on its surface. A significant disadvantage of knives made of this brand of steel is that it needs to be taken care of even if it is not used.

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How to remove corrosion

In case of formation of various corrosive formations on the working surface of the knife, it must be cleaned immediately. Also, some sources recommend the use of various organic oils.

If the foci of corrosion appear to a small extent, then the use of a machine polishing agent is suitable for cleaning the knife. However, after that, additional lubrication of the blade with oil is simply necessary. This will protect it from the subsequent appearance of rust.

All the troubles associated with the care of the Damascus steel blade are fully compensated by all the characteristics of the knife. It surpasses all known materials in a number of ways, so all true fans of cold weapons will enjoy such troubles. Do not forget that proper storage of the knife will allow you to avoid a lot of additional hassle.

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