How we make our knives

July 6, 2018

Perhaps there is no more common object than a knife that can be found in any home. Many families have at least a few knives perhaps even a few dozen. In most families, knives are used as usual household items never thinking about their origin. In this article devoted to author’s knives with a fixed blade we tried to present knifemaking as a kind of modern art. Appraise the quality, shape, skillful work used steel, the beauty of the finish and the external appeal of the blades presented in our collection.
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A knife is just as important a tool for a hunter as a gun. Because to shoot wildfowl is half the battle, it still needs to be properly skinned. Therefore, the hunter needs to take a responsible approach to the choice of this tool. A hunting knife is classified, first, according to the purpose of the work: universal or special.
When you look at the specifications of knives, you can often notice a certain number with the designations "RC" or "HRC" after it. This number represents the values of the Rockwell rating.
Produced by traditional methods of metalwork and decoration: forging, mammoth ivory carving, polishing, scrimshaw. Blade of Bohler N695 stainless steel.
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