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Kitchen knives are essential tools in the kitchen, they help us chop, slice, and dice our food with ease. But have you ever wondered what makes some kitchen knives stand out from the rest? 
Carbon and stainless steel are the two most popular materials used in the manufacture of knives, which are essential tools for everyday use. There are several key differences between carbon and stainless steel depending on the user's needs and budget, which can influence a person's decision when buying knives.
Do you want to have a knife custom made for you? Or do you feel like exploring the handicrafts of some prominent custom knife makers? Have you ever seen or held a custom knife so beautiful, that you felt immediately you know who made it?
A pocket knife is a handy tool to have on hand for a variety of tasks, whether it be for everyday use or outdoor activities. One of the most convenient features of a pocket knife is a clip, which allows for easy and secure storage in a pocket or bag. A pocket knife with a clip is useful because it is easily accessible, making it a perfect tool for everyday carry, or EDC.
A good knife is an essential tool in any kitchen. It can make food preparation faster, easier, and more enjoyable. When it comes to knives, German knives have a reputation for being some of the best in the world. The combination of skilled craftsmanship, high-quality materials, and centuries-old traditions have made German knives a favorite among professional chefs and home cooks alike. 
Hunting is popular in different cultures, and there is no doubt that it requires special tools. One of these tools is undoubtedly a skinning knife. A good skinning knife should have a thin and light blade with razor-like sharpness to quickly and neatly separate the skin from the meat. Heavy blades will quickly fatigue your hands in the process, so choose a lightweight knife for agile, smooth operation. 
The most collectable knives are made by a craftsman or a well-known brand thanks to their special qualities. Folding knives and fixed-blade knives which are mass-produced and made-to-order both deserve a place in a collection.
The knife has always been and remains the only tool that has practically not changed in its entire history, and most importantly, it has not yet lost its meaning and purpose.
Hunting is an extremely popular sport today. This means that every hunter, both professional and amateur, should possess a great hunting knife. For many hunters, their knife is a matter of pride, therefore, choosing one’s knife requires special attention, taking into account the various situations that may arise on the hunt. So how does one choose the best hunting knife? A knife that would make for a reliable assistant and wouldn’t make one regret their choice. Unfortunately, a perfectly versatile knife hasn’t been invented yet, so let's take a look at the best hunting knives in our review.


In articles like “THE WORLD’S MOST COLLECTIBLE KNIVES” you’ll find information on our many knives and reviews of our various products. Exhaustive descriptions, characteristics and pictures of nearly all our products. Various types of knives are described in detail, with expert evaluations and colorific photos. Exhaustive descriptions, characteristics and pictures of nearly all our products and famous knife types all around the world! 


Publications like “WHY ARE HANDMADE KNIVES BETTER?” or “CHOOSING THE BEST KNIFE STEEL” furnish expert opinions and advice covering many aspects of how to make the best use of your knife. From basic things, like choosing the best metal for your blade, to niceties like polishing and lanyards – we compile and furnish information from world’s best experts in knives. You can learn a whole lot from reading these articles covering nearly every aspect of knifemaking.


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