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Hunting knife is a useful and very expensive thing. Therefore, the choice should be approached deliberately. Proven manufacturers guarantee the durability of the product, therefore it is not worth saving on the quality of such a product.
Powder steel causes a real stir in the world of knives today. If the custom knife is made of powdered steel, then it usually costs more than usual. But, of course, it's not just about it: powder steels have many features and differences from other types of steels.
Many knife owners are not satisfied with the original design of the product. In this case, it is not necessary to change the knife and look for a replacement. You can make your knife unique with the help of tools for knife customization. Professional equipment costs a pretty decent...
Everyone who chooses their first knife and is generally far from keen on knives, first of all looks at the price. At the sight of a high price tag, a person's eyes light up and the question "For what?" hangs in the air. To answer this question, sellers and managers usually describe...
Since ancient times, the knife has been a constant companion of a man. It changed along with people, and went from a primitive stone cutter to the finest and most precise tool.
Hand engraving at the beginning of the 21st century is on the verge of extinction. If you want to get a knife with hand engraving, it is best to look for a master at a thematic exhibition. True, the money will have to give fabulous - more than for an ordinary custom knife. Hand engraving significantly increases the cost of the product.
Knife collection – highly useful activity for those who like this kind of collection. Actually, there is a special knife for every fan. Many of them increase or retain their value over the years, turning collectible knives into something that can be passed on to the next generation of collectors.
Before talking about which knife is better, you need to understand that any knife is a tool focused on performing certain functions. Using a chopping knife, you can peel the potatoes, and cut the carcass with a vegetable knife, but this will probably be very inconvenient.
Can it be argued that there is a right way to getting a custom knife, without overspending time and money? If you always dreamed of having a customknife, but could not make up your mind to buying it, this article is definitely for you.


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