Knife care rules

April 15, 2022

Only in the case of proper and accurate care, your custom knives will last for a long time without creating unnecessary hassle. Custom knives are a separate type that requires simple, but constant maintenance. Even if the blade is rarely used by the owner, its condition must be monitored so that the blade does not become unusable.

Storage recommendations

  • It is necessary to lubricate knife with special means;
  • Maintain the sharpness of the blade, not allowing the knife to blunt;
  • Rinse, wipe the knife dry after each use.

Rules for the care of a folding knife

Buying an item such as a folding knife, few people think about cleaning it. Care should be taken immediately after purchase. The springs must be lubricated with oil. This will ensure easy opening and closing of the blade, prevent corrosion and reduce wear. Regularly check the blade stopper and the cleanliness of the mechanism. The object must not get dust or dirt. Do not use the cutting edge as a bottle opener or screwdriver. The knife is not adapted for such work. After cleaning from dirt, degrease the surface of the tool with alcohol.

Blade Care

Sharpening is important to preserve the cutting abilities of the knife. Wash the damascus or carbon steel blade from dirt and wipe it with oil. Never leave the blade wet and be sure to wipe it dry.

Sharpening with a grindstone is a method that requires skills, since it is important to observe the sharpening angle of the entire blade. Pre-moisten with water or lubricate with an emulsion. It is better to have small, medium, large grain grindstones at your disposal.

Special sharpening device — it is easier to choose the sharpening angle, which will be preserved in the future. This device can be of two types: ceramic and diamond. Diamond ones are compact, they can be used in nature. With proper use, you will get excellent sharpness.

Cleaning the blade — rusty plaque is easily removed with a polishing paste. If you need to remove the dullness characteristic of all types of materials and appearing over time, use steel wool soaked in gun oil.
To preserve the shine of polishing, use an auto polish. Use it to get rid of stains, destruction.

Care of the knife handle

One of the most popular materials for making the handle is wood. Any means for furniture or floor will be suitable for care. If the handle is not varnished, you can wipe it with a woolen cloth, on which flax oil is applied. Leather handles require special attention. They should be immediately cleaned of dirt and dried exclusively in a natural way.
The leather can deteriorate if you keep it damp. Handles made of horns or animal bones are well treated with mineral oil. Then they will last a long time. These materials do not like temperature and humidity spikes. Store the product in a mild microclimate. The handles of the knife are made of plastic, polymer substances, which also need care.

Rules of scabbard care

The main task of the scabbard is reliable fixation of the blade. The scabbard has a smooth, neat seam, and they are made of leather (sheath) or wood (scabbard).

  • Lubricate the object with oil;
  • Do not allow it to contact with water;
  • Keep the knife inside clean and dry;
  • For cleaning, use acetone, alcohol or nail polish remover.

Observing a few simple and important rules, the product will serve you for a long time, will retain its appearance, will be an indispensable assistant in the forest hunting, fishing or hiking.

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