Knife composition "Challenge of a rival"

November 20, 2017

Composition produced by traditional methods of metalwork and decoration:

Polishing, engraving, mammoth ivory carving.

Blade of Bohler N695 steel. Very deep and detailed hand engraving of two battling lions and trees of savannah.

Handle is from the tusk of a mammoth. In the center of the handle is a three-dimensional carving in the form of a lioness lying on a tree. On both sides of guard and the pommel witch are from titanium, are engraved plants of savannah.

The knife is placed on a wooden pedestal with decorative elements from the mammoth tusk.

Handmade luxury wooden box and two pairs of demonstrative gloves are in the set.

This knife composition sold and at now is in a private collection.

Look through our big collection and choose engraved knife which suits you the best!

Knife composition Knife composition

Knife composition Knife composition Knife composition Knife composition

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