Knife Gallery is a showcase of some of the most beautiful and unique knives made by talented knifemakers from around the world. Browse through our collection of stunning photos of custom knives in various styles, shapes, and materials. Whether you are looking for inspiration, admiration, or appreciation, you will find it in our Knife Gallery.

If you have ever visited a blade show, you may find much in common with it while looking through our web-site. Every exhibited object has its own history, character and soul. The only difference is that every piece of this collection may become yours. How is it – to become the owner of something special and please your eyes with high weapon art any time? That’s why when it comes to aesthetic aspect of man life, the first things that come to everyone’s mind are cars and edged weapon, no doubts.

All-in-one uniqueness

The most peculiar feature of our custom knife gallery is associated with its flexibility, which means that you can not watch it without choosing something to fit personal tastes and preferences. Every worthy man is destined to find here the thing after his own heart. Moreover, in our catalogue you can find a lot of variants that may serve as a present to:

  • a hunter (just have a look at our hunting knives with custom engraving of animals);
  • a military officer (knife “The Old Soldier” and “PM Pistol” with damascus steel blades are the best options in this case);
  • a person of keen intellect (luxurious chess sets);
  • a historian (custom knives and art daggers with scenes of the greatest historical events or depicting the portraits of the mighty of the earth);
  • and, finally, a wide range of universal items starting from custom knives, corkscrew, ashtray and up to cane or the special edition of Noblie Collectibles album.

The cost of art

The price of every item is entirely reasoned by the high-quality metals, precious gemstones, rare wood species and, of course, several hundreds of hours, which are necessary to implement such a delicate work and animate all these raw materials creating the real peace of art. The entire knife from its handle and up to the point is a 100% unique and luxurious gift. The photos of our goods are not able to depict their actual beauty, style and nobility, but even they are sufficient to impress the most weathered collectors and knife lovers.

We also would like to remind you that any item that you are intended to purchase from our web-site may be additionally engraved, which means that we can give extra individuality to your accessory or to acknowledge the future owner of this precious gift.

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