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Juha Vartiainen

I prefer to use natural materials such as desert ironwood, Black Wood, snakewood and natural mammoth tusks or mollars, and other fossil materials.

Silversmithing and scrimshaw are for me relatively new techniques that I am developing into my style.

I would call my style of knife craft a Scandinavian style. I only make fixed-blade knives, which I believe gives me the best space in the creation process.

I have been competing since 2004 and have won several prizes in Swedish and Nordic competitions. Among other prizes, I have won first prize in the Swedish Championships in 2006 and 2022.

I took a break from the craft for 9 years to resume knifemaking again in 2020. Now the craft is more fun than ever and I experience a creative flow without stagnation.

Making knives is and will be my kind of “therapy” for many years to come.

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