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Knifepros provides knife sharpening services in Winnipeg Manitoba, we use state of the art machinery combined with ancient techniques such as using whetstones to sharpen your knife perfectly, Knifepros has been in business since several years and we’ve sharpened thousands of knives uptil now.  Our experts make sure that your knives are properly sharpened and honed so everything cuts like butter! At knifepros, after sharpening the knives we always make sure to do the paper test and they always pass! That’s because we have been in business for several years and have mastered the ability to sharpen any kind of knife or blade. In addition to that , we feel that many customers are being misled when it comes to knife sharpening so we also aim to provide you information on everything there is about knife sharpening from DIY guides to choosing the right kind of knife sharpening service.

Address: Killarney Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
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