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Knife Steels
The knife steels section is particularly noteworthy for its exhaustive database of different steel types used in knife manufacturing. It includes detailed descriptions of steel compositions, properties, and performance characteristics. This information is crucial for understanding the behavior of various steels under different conditions, such as resistance to corrosion, ease of sharpening, and ability to hold an edge. The website goes further to compare and contrast these steels, providing a framework for evaluating which steel might be best suited for specific applications or personal preferences.

Features and Tools
Steel Comparator: A tool that allows users to compare the properties of different knife steels side-by-side. This feature is incredibly helpful for visualizing the differences and making educated choices based on specific criteria.

Search Functionality: The site offers robust search features, enabling users to find knives and steels based on specific parameters such as hardness, composition, or manufacturer.

Educational Resources: Beyond reviews and comparisons, offers articles and guides on topics such as knife care, sharpening techniques, and the science behind steel metallurgy. This content is designed to enrich the user’s knowledge and appreciation of knives. also offers a Knife Steel Composition app for smartphones, which is constantly being developed to provide the most comprehensive information on the go.

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