Les beaux armes

July 26, 2017
Les Beaux Armes
Led by the desire NOBLIE collection of fine weapons to be shown worldwide, we initiate «Les Beaux Armes» exposition tour. If you are owner of gallery, showroom or exposition center and you are interested to host an event of this kind, we will be glad to discuss our collaboration and the details for schedule and organization. Please, visit NOBLIE website to review our exhibits and to appreciate their artistry. You may contact us on: NOBLIE COLLECTIBLES EU, BULGARIA [email protected] +359 879 699 350 www.noblie.eu
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Collection of edged weapons NOBLIE replenished with rarity exhibit. We present to your attention the collectible dagger of the Caucasian type "KKB".
David is the second king of the people of Israel with the capital in Jerusalem. All the power of the royal personage is embodied in a dagger.
Knife “Wolf chasing a deer”.