New additions to "Aristocrat" collection

November 30, 2017

On the blade is depicted an image of Qin Shi Huang — the founder of the Qin dynasty and the first emperor of a unified China. The handle is made of high-mountainous birch burl. The scabbard is all-metal forged with decorative locket and suspension ring. On the scabbard is depicted a picture of Chinese Emperor in sedan chair, carried by attendants.

The hidden power of a mighty animal, that symbolizes strength, agility and menace to the rivals, implemented in an art knife. Powerful Damascus steel blade and high-mountainous birch burl grip. All-metal forged scabbard made of brass and gilded with decorative locket and suspension ring.

Custom knives 2017

Custom knives 2017 Custom knives 2017

Custom knives 2017 Custom knives 2017

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Not everyone aware that in these days, collecting custom knives is an exciting hobby and more and more of people interested in this. Of course, men predominate among them in which for a long time there lived a passion and interest in weapons, but there are also women collecting rare types of knives and proud of their collections.
Today we want to pay attention to knives with handles decorated with pictures in the technique of the scrimshaw.
People started using the cane many centuries ago. As in the time of the pharaohs or the same pilgrims, today this tool serves as a support and helps in movement. You can find very interesting canes with a blade.
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