New custom knife for true knife collector

May 25, 2018
This collection art knife will be a unique gift to a connoisseur of edged weapons, knife collector or hunter. This knife is made in a single copy and has a high cost. If you are looking for a gift that will impress a millionaire then make a choice in favor of this knife.
Produced by traditional methods of metalwork and decoration: forging, engraving, silver coating, wood carving, inlay. Blade of Damascus steel with specific pattern. Decorative groove and gilded ornamental engravings. Handle composed of metal and wooden parts. Brass made and silver coated guard and pommel with very fine engraved ornaments. Embedded gems. Carved black wood wooden grip. The scabbard is all-metal forged, silver coated, with impressive floral engravings. Decoration accent on two flying bullfinches of silver and spreaded gems around.
New custom knife for true knife collector New custom knife for true knife collector New custom knife for true knife collector New custom knife for true knife collector
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