Noblie - a place of noble tastes

November 1, 2017
NOBLIE is European registered trade mark for exclusive collectibles, luxury and prestigious goods. The company is oriented in the trade segment of exclusive gifts for men and special occasion awards. Noblie produces and sells worldwide a large list of handmade crafted and artistically decorated collectible knives in different styles: custom and hunting knives, folding knives, art and engraved knives, scrimshaw decorated knives. Rare products of blade making such as swords, tachi sword, court sword, yatagan, Cossack checker, dirks, daggers and stiletto knives are introduced as solemn weapon as well. NAME The name Noblie is taken from the popular French slogan “ Noblesse oblige” and it is personalized combination of the two words In a brand name with literally meaning “Nobility obliges” and represents the obligation of the noble ones (by status or by heart) to gracious gesture to share beautiful things. LOGO The company logo is created to introduce the main concept of noble behavior and special attitude to the arts. It is three element divided individual sign. The first element is a complex figure, similar to oval curved hexagram, a combination of the oak leaf representing longevity and strength, the leather that stands for quality and beauty and the vine, which is a symbol of abundance of fertility and peace. The three of them are traditional for heraldic and they are constantly used in coat of arms graphics. The second element is personalized monogram from the letters N and B, situated in the middle. The third element that completes the composition is the circle as a symbol of symmetry and infinity. THE ART OF CUSTOM KNIFEMAKING The items are made in one single copy and they are stamped with Noblie company logo. They are created by traditional methods for processing and decoration of metal. The implementation of valuable materials increase their high aesthetic and material worth. The making of each one product is hand crafted and it is a process of artistic project realization indeed. Depending from the design, shape, model and decoration it takes long time from beginning to final stage to be produced an artistic edged weapon. It starts with designers, who make the sketches of the new weapon and invent and develop the concept; then the draft design is submitted to a collection examination by the art council. The model is manufactured of plasticizer for making article prototype. When the artist comes up with a successful specimen model, he endeavors to develop several ornamentation options for it. The fertile creative fantasy of the artist gives rise to a great variety of works of art. A high skilled craftsmen work with metal and wood to manufacture the blade, grip and scabbard and when the article is ready, the blade is polished and sharpened. The weapon blades are made from high-grade stainless steel or from Damascus steels. The finished article is then brought to other workshop for discussion. The article is dismantled into components. Professional fitters, engravers, artists, polisher, and jewelers are supervised by the designer of the weapon and perform all the ornamentation and related task-metal engraving, nickel-plating, gilding, and final burnishing. Online custom knife shop Online custom knife shop Online custom knife shop Online custom knife shop Online custom knife shop Online custom knife shop Online custom knife shop Online custom knife shop Online custom knife shop Online custom knife shop
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