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NOBLIE knives for the first time in Bulgaria

Noblie custom knives

The exhibition in Sofia Expo Centre from 15 to 18 September 2016   was the first introduction   to the Bulgarian audience  of NOBLIE – a company of exquisite art crafts and collectible products.

A large diversity of designs and techniques of metal  processing and decoration were represented by the itrms, specially selected for the exhibition. The connoisseurs and collectors of decorative edged weapons were able to appreciate in real the mastery, embedded in making of   custom knives, dirks, daggers and mainly, the most impressive exhibit of the collection –the saber, decorated in gold  and gems and dedicated to the liberation of town of Pleven in the Russo-Turkish War of 1877-78.

The items shown were arranged by   decoration style, shape and materials of production.

They were thematically related to the history of Bulgaria, the world civilization and the hunting tradition.

Visitors were able to see art crafts of very high quality,  fine jewelry works, difficult to manufacture materials such as Damascus steel, various types of depiction on gold, silver, metal and the outstanding scrimshaw-high skilled drawings on mammoth ebony.

The handmade art knives with brand NOBLIE   were exposed  to more than 3000 visitors and impressed with the beauty and nobility they emit.

This first  for NOBLIE Collectibles event in Bulgaria you may review in the following photo story.


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