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Beauty and delicacy — these words can describe amber, the jewelry stone. Amber goods are pleasant-to-touch and don't slip out of your hand. They look luxury and deliver aesthetic pleasure. Interested in a sophisticated amber chess set? Let's take a sneak peak of amber goods history and properties of this stone.
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Amber is organic tree resin that has been preserved for a long time in the soil and has turned to stone. Tree resin exuded from the bark protects trees by blocking gaps in the bark. In the open air, tree resin dries, hardens and forms pieces of gemstone – amber.

In the USA, amber is found in some states, especially in those that historically had extensive forests of resinous plants. Amber can be commonly found in New Jersey, Arkansas, New Mexico, Kansas, California, Washington, South Dakota, Texas, and some other states. Some states (like Arkansas) have big deposits of amber, but you’ll need to get a permission (pay a fee) to enter a site.

Noblie shop is a manufacturer of premium amber chess sets and other high-end gifts. Noblie amber chess sets feature quality materials and superb craftsmanship. Each of chess sets is crafted out of natural amber that will retain its properties over the years.

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