Art knives

Nowadays knives are not just tools or objects of interest to collectors. A high-quality knife can become a symbol of masculinity and be a real work of art. Noblie’s knives are able to fulfill your wishes by exquisite things. They add refinement to any interior and are a unique decoration for your home. Blades from our collection could become an exclusive gift for connoisseur of the expensive or luxury weapon.

Noblie suggests to your attention the series of Art Knives. There are more than 150 exclusive handmade art knives made of high-strength stainless steel 440C or Damascus steel. For blade making we use high-strength steel, wood, nickel, enamel and such precious metals as silver and gold. Knives have authentic form, blades and sheaths are decorated by exquisite engraving, handles are garnished by traditional patterns, wild animals and moments from the heroes' life.

While creating this collection, our masters were encouraged by the antique myths, the greatness of the Arab warriors, the power of Indian rajahs and Chinese commanders and the adventures of the great travelers. Each blade is an embodiment of ideas of the best masters. You can look through extraordinary patterns for a long time while finding new details. Our artisans masterfully combine different materials to create a unique model. Each sketch is a result of hard work of designers and steelworkers.

Custom art knife by Noblie from the Art Knife series will become the pearl of your collection. Do not miss a unique opportunity to become an owner of this piece of modern art.

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