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Art of Engraving

We are proud to present our collection of unique engraved knives. These are covered in amazingly detailed engravings depicting various scenes and featuring intricate traditional ornaments. Those scenes are mostly hunt-themed — here you may find all kinds of beautiful animals: wild horses galloping, mighty bulls fighting with their horns, a ferocious tiger prowling.

Our engraved collection varies from rather simple and practical knives that would make a nice everyday tool for an experienced hunter — all the way to the most luxurious ones that could serve as a precious gift to your friend or partner. Such variety of models, engraving types, and materials is there for you to find the right one that suits your taste the most. The materials we use for handles include ebony and actual mammoth tusk.

NOBLIE ensures that all of our engraved knives are nothing but perfection. Traditional methods of metalwork, high-quality steel, and profound engraving works are combined so that you could be satisfied. Each of these knives takes about three months to make, and many of them are made in a single copy. And don’t forget about our premium accessories: handmade wooden boxes, black leather sheathes, and elegant wooden pedestals for tasteful showcasing.

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