Best Offers

We have selected for you the best custom knives and VIP gifts from our collection. Here you can choose not only unique handmade knives, but also luxury chess, engraved daggers and unique gifts for men.

Best things for the best men

How do we stand out from the rest and why are we the best? The answer is simple – nobility and modesty.

Noblie produces hundreds of truly unique products like custom knife, daggers, chess, backgammon and canes. All of them have a unique design, embodied in reality by the best craftsmen, which does not shout “look at my splendor”, but which undoubtedly attracts the attention and eyes of sophisticated collectors and connoisseurs with its details.

Feel yourself special

The richness and variety of materials, unusual shapes and impressive appearance – that's what makes us unique and the best. Therefore, we ask you to take a look at our best creations, which our entire Noblie team worked on.

Noblie catalogue
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