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NOBLIE can offer you something special

We are proud of our achievements and the work we do for our clients. Our artisans are purposeful and hardworking people - true masters of their craft, and our clients are people with good taste, specific views and high aspirations. That is why our team strives to fully satisfy all the client's requests, take into account all the desires and allow the client's dreams to come true. We can rightfully be considered the best knife makers both in the USA and in European countries. We focus on sophisticated collectors and art connoisseurs, as well as people who are extravagant with regard to exceptional gifts.

NOBLIE knife shop can guarantee:

  • Ultra-high quality products – we use rare woods, precious metals and gem stones;
  • Uniqueness and singularity – each product is made in one copy
  • Wide selection – from folding knives to sabers
  • High-class service – we attach handmade wooden case and a pair of demonstrative gloves to each purchase
  • Convenient and reliable payment methods
  • Prompt shipping all over the world

Become the owner of custom knife

Our catalogue of NOBLIE Collectible represents a wide range of products with detailed specification, overall dimensions, blade characteristics, used materials, metalwork and decoration techniques, and surely, you can find all the prices here too.

NOBLIE knife store includes:

  • Custom knives
  • Dirks
  • Art daggers
  • Sabers
  • VIP Gifts
  • And special collections

Among the given choice we recommend you to address specific attention to handmade art knives – the authentic pieces of art, each item of which is worthy of rapturous glances having own history, being a thing-in-itself. You can also download a PDF-version of our ONLINE Catalogue or to purchase NOBLE Art Knives Album with more than 60 items being a real work of art.

After you found the best item to fulfill your ambitions and likings, please, proceed to make an order. Be pleased to look through our catalogue with in-depth description and photos and pick up the most suitable option for yourself or worthy people. Be sure – our manager would contact you in the short term to precise the details of purchase and the provided personal information, and also to elaborate your wishes and requirements.

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