Arranged by shape, style, technique of metal works and decoration, the art crafts Noblie are exposed in different collections.


Style and uniqueness reside in details and some people may say that these features are something money can’t buy. Well, it means that we impinge on the fundamental truth. Our website presents a large collection of custom knives, daggers, sabers and blades, which reflect your preferences and express your aspirations. Our works of art will allow you to emphasize your individuality and will serve as the best gift to a highly respected person. Be pleased to look through the catalogue with in-depth description and photos and pick up the most suitable option.

Looking for an authenticwork of art or a
professional knife maker?
NOBLIE can offer you
something really special

We proud to say that our masters are people of focus and commitment and our customers are the men of good taste, high aspirations and rigid requirements. That’s why our artisans aim to please their needs and demands at full breath and can be considered the best knife makers in the USA and throughout Europe. Our production range is aimed at sophisticated collectors and people who are prodigal of exceptional gifts.

Our custom knife shop can guarantee:

  • ultra-high quality and singularity;
  • handmade custom knives made of rare wood species, precious metals and gem stones;
  • engraving of the purchased items;
  • separate group of Damascus articles;
  • comfortable methods of payment;
  • shipping all over the world;

Our catalogue of NOBLIE Collectible represents a wide range of products with detailed specification, overall dimensions, blade characteristics, used materials, metalwork and decoration techniques, the idea of the article, manufacture time and, of course, its price.

Our custom catalogue comprises:

Among the given choice we recommend you to address specific attention to handmade art knives – the authentic pieces of art, the every item of which is worthy of rapturous glances having own history, being a thing-in-itself, out of time and space. You can also download a PDF-version of our NOBLIE Catalogue or to purchase NOBLIE Art Knives Album with more than 60 items being a real work of art.

How to become the owner of custom hunting knife
or to present a honorable gift to a worthy person?

After you found the best item to fulfill your ambitions and likings, please, proceed to make an order. Be sure – our manager would contact you in the short term to precise the details of purchase and the provided personal information, and also to elaborate your wishes and requirements.

Be exceptional – be yourself!
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