Custom canes

Stylish and noble accessory

NOBLIE is proud to present our collection of premium custom canes. A cane like one of these is simply one of the most stylish accessories any man could dream of. Richly decorated and made of only the finest materials, our canes are perfect for anyone who wants to add an extraordinarily stylish detail to their image — or make a truly unforgettable gift to their friend or partner.

Premium materials for the quality

Our masters have developed a unique manufacturing process based on traditional methods of metal and wood processing to make a perfect custom cane just for you. Basically, a shaft of premium walnut wood is decorated with gilded and engraved collar and ferule. The handle is made of brass and gold — but your hand lays comfortably on another walnut element. This complex and luxurious design is there to ensure comfort and style.

But a luxury cane made by NOBLIE is not just an accessory. There is a stainless steel blade hidden in the shaft that is decorated with various ornaments. All of our premium canes are hand-made, what makes them really unique and thoroughly detailed. A pair of demonstrative gloves is included in every set.

Noblie catalogue
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