A unique piece of art

Custom Damascus dagger is not a typical edge weapon, but a unique piece of art. It takes lots of time and effort of many professionals to manufacture such a blade while there are used only traditional techniques of metalwork. Every design is carefully thought out and then transferred on the Damascus dagger by hand. Each model is presented in a single copy and has no analogs in the world.

Damascus turns out to be a noble metal that has got an inimitable pattern that appears in the process of manufacturing. People always highly appreciated this material for its particular qualities. Custom Damascus dagger may be characterized as pretty firm and sharp. Magnificent tracery covers the blade and a handle. There’s also a detailed chase on the scabbard, gracefully complemented with precious jewels.

Diversity of Damascus steel

Models have various shapes: some of them are slightly rounded, others have straight lines. You even may find elegant stilettos with wooden elements. So, there are lots of models to suit even the most fastidious taste.

Damascus dagger is a great gift for a friend, colleague or your business partner and it’s definitely a centerpiece of any collection. Such a dagger embodiments masculinity, courage, glory and shows the authority and importance of its owner.

Noblie catalogue
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