The classical Damascus dagger comes in new exquisite forms at Noblie store. We offer a variety of Damascus art daggers carefully crafted by best bladesmiths to bring you the revived art of the old-time noble dagger at its finest.

Collectable Damascus daggers

The dagger became a notable part of European history during the Middle Ages when it was known as the “knightly dagger” and was used for additional defense in close combat. There has also been historical evidence of the sacred and ceremonial meaning of the dagger: it was involved in various rites and initiation ceremonies. Nowadays, a luxury art dagger is also a unique work of art that is presented as a rare gift to an outstanding person or kept as part of a glamorous art collection.

Today Noblie brings the old-time Damascus dagger in a new elegant form featuring the daintiness of work and garniture that is worth being placed in a keen collector’s hands or within a luxurious interior.

Exceptional patterns and styles of Noblie’s Damascus art daggers

A custom Damascus dagger is not an ordinary edged weapon, but a unique piece of art. Noblie’s art daggers come in many styles reminiscent of various historical events, epochs and fashions. Each handicraft is adorned with splendid garniture and tracery covering both the blade and the handle. The detailed chase on the scabbard is gracefully complemented with precious jewels.

A vintage dagger like this will be a wonderful gift for connoisseurs and collectors of exclusive artefacts. A premium art dagger can emphasize the features and hobbies of its owner and become a great centerpiece of interior. Each Noblie’s art dagger is made in a single copy, which means that nobody can doubt its uniqueness and exclusivity.

What makes Noblie’s Damascus daggers special

Our craftsmen apply only traditional techniques of metalwork. Every design is carefully thought out and then transferred on a Damascus dagger by hand. Each model is presented in a single copy and has no duplicates wherever in the world.

Models have various shapes: some of them are slightly rounded, others have straight lines. You may even find elegant stylets with wooden elements. The large selection of models offered is designed to suit even a most fastidious taste.

A Damascus dagger is a magnificent gift for a friend, colleague or your business partner that will inevitably make for a centerpiece of a most arty-crafty collection. Such a dagger embodies masculinity, courage, glory and shows the authority and importance of its owner.

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