The sword has been an indispensable attribute of noblemen for centuries. Nowadays, Noblie crafts luxury swords to recreate the knightly spirit of the past ages. Explore our collection to find a variety of beautifully adorned custom and hand made swords, technical characteristics and other information.

History of swords

Historically, the sword developed around 1600 BC, evolving from the dagger. The army of the Roman Empire gave birth to the spatha, the predecessor of the medieval European sword. The High Middle Ages saw the development of the classical arming sword with a crossguard. Concurrently, a sword with curved blade, the saber, became popular in Europe, brought by the Magyars and the Turkic expansion in the 9th century. Since then, western sword design diverged into two main forms – the thrusting swords and the sabers. Altogether, there are many kinds of swords, depending on their structure: the shape of a blade can be either straight or curved, it can have one or two cutting edges and many other peculiarities. The curved sword dominant in Eastern Europe and Near East, became, by the 18th century, a popular type in the Western world as well, both for infantry and cavalry, and even developed a ceremonial meaning.

Amazing accuracy of Noblie hand made swords

Noblie custom sword makers exert every effort to reach the utmost preciseness and the highest fineness of decoration in each handicraft they forge. These swords seem to have come from the noble palaces of the past ages – the fine craftsmanship and lavish adornment of each of them recreates the beauty and loftiness of the knightly epoch.

Our swords come in two collections – “Aristocrat” and “Silver Age”, where each name speaks volumes. These pieces of art are garnished with color enamels, ornaments, engravings, scenes and portraits of historic events and persons, silver stamping, gold and nickel plating, precious stones, such as zirconia and smoky quartz. The sheaths and scabbards are decorated with rare materials, such as skate fish leather, green leather, gems and rare wood, gold and silver. Hilts are often made as a separate artistic element in bizarre forms, such as a battle ship with inlaid gemstones.

Custom sword – a rare, noteworthy gift

A hand made sword will make a great gift to a special person in your life. The knightly attribute will emphasize the high status of a man of power, or adorn a collection of an avid antique collector, or just become a centerpiece of a high-class interior. A memorable gift is one worth remembering: and a gift like that is destined to be adored and regarded for years and decades!

For sure, the manufacturing process for such a piece of art is time-consuming: in some cases, a luxury sword may take up to 180 days to craft. Check out the artifacts we already have in stock: you can buy each of them today just in two clicks, instead of waiting months for a new collectible sword to be crafted.

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