Over the centuries, the tough and beautifully patterned Damascus blade has been a preferred weapon and a mark of lordliness for many noblemen of the past. The classical Damascus dagger comes in new exquisite forms at Noblie store, still bringing the renowned durability and loftiness of the ancient Damascus steel.
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Damascus steel daggers are definitely worth the investment, as they are crafted with high-quality materials, are very durable and have great edge retention even with multiple uses.

You can buy a Damascus dagger at the Noblie Store – a reliable vendor of custom Damascus daggers since 2015. All Noblie knives and daggers feature traditional materials and craftsmanship. Making a Damascus dagger at Noblie takes several months.

Handmade Damascus daggers

The dagger has been an important part of history for centuries, rich historical evidence showing its knightly and ceremonial symbolism. Damascus swords and daggers were a prominent phenomenon of the medieval history giving rise to a number of legends, such as this steel’s ability to cut an ordinary sword in two easily or to cut a hair falling across the blade. Although some types of modern steel outperform the famous Damascus, some chemical peculiarities of the legendary metal still make it exceedingly resilient and hard at once.

Today Noblie brings the old-time Damascus dagger in a new elegant form featuring the daintiness of work and garniture that is worth being placed in a keen collector’s hands or within a luxurious interior.

Exceptional patterns and styles of Noblie Damascus daggers

Each custom Damascus dagger is not an ordinary edged weapon, but a unique piece of art. The blades with distinctive wavy or mottling patterns are reputed to be extremely tough, resistant to shattering and capable of retaining a sharp, resilient edge.

The secret of forging the original casted (wootz) Damascus steel was lost long ago. However, the pattern-welded steel forged today has folded layers that produce in the metal almost the same qualities and beautiful patterns as in the ancient Damascus. The process of folding and layering different types of steel results in an exceedingly durable, elastic and strong blade.

What makes Noblie Damascus daggers special

Our Damascus daggers are crafted by experienced masters that apply traditional techniques. This art is not something that is mass produced – each Noblie’s custom dagger speaks to the craftsmanship and expertise of the artisan making these outstanding blades.

The distinct patterns of Damascus daggers provide not only aesthetical beauty but also the famous resilience and strength of a blade that keeps a keen edge for a long time. Each model is presented in a single copy and has no duplicates wherever in the world. A luxury dagger from Noblie collection will be a splendid gift for connoisseurs and collectors of exclusive artefacts.

A Damascus dagger is a magnificent gift for a friend, colleague or your business partner that will inevitably make for a centerpiece of a most arty-crafty collection. Such a dagger embodies masculinity, nobleness, glory and shows the authority and importance of its owner.

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