The legendary Damascus steel is revived in today’s craftsmen’s knives that fuse the durability of the ancient noble steel with the luxurious adornment provided by today’s industry. Explore Noblie’s huge selection of premium handmade Damascus knives for sale to enjoy the historical Damascus at its finest.

History of Damascus steel and Damascus knives

Damascus steel is a type of steel traditionally used in the Near East for manufacturing edged weapons. The name comes from Damascus, the capital city of Syria, and refers to distinctive patterns of blade decoration (such as banding and mottling) resembling flowing water.

Around 500 AD, blacksmiths near the city of Damascus began to craft knives and swords with unequalled hardness and cutting abilities: it was claimed that a Damascus blade was able to smoothly slice through a falling silk scarf. The excellence of these knives was provided by the unusual steel and an extraordinary technique of controlled thermal cycling used in manufacturing them. Handmade Damascus knife became legendary for both exquisite beauty of blade patterns and for their service properties. The original technique of producing the pristine Damascus steel was lost long ago to be revived again by late 20th century.

Custom Damascus knives – a fusion of exquisite craftsmanship

Damascus steel is easily recognizable by its dimpled, watery pattern. Along with its sleek aesthetical look, Damascus steel is highly valued as it is hard and at the same time flexible. Knives forged from Damascus steel are by far superior to those formed from ordinary metal.

For many people the words "Damascus steel" savor of a legend about a magical alloy with fantastic properties. And, partly, it is true, because of this steel’s fascinating appearance and its impressive performance characteristics. Custom Damascus knife is known to be very tough, resistant to shattering and capable of holding a keen and resilient edge.

Noblie’s bladesmiths produce dozens of high-class Damascus art knives, each of which is an exquisite piece of art in knifemaking and a collectible worth being presented to a genuine adorer of unique souvenirs.

What is so peculiar about Noblie’s Damascus knives?

Although the metal we produce today is not casted (wootz) Damascus steel, it is still crafted using forge welding which is what gives it the famous multi-patterned design like in the traditional Damascus blades. Although some types of modern steel outperform the original Damascus, they don’t possess the renowned plasticity and hardness of the handmade Damascus blade.

Noblie’s Damascus art knife features the best properties of the traditional Damascus, such as supreme hardness, resilient edge, luxurious artistic patterns and glamorous garniture. These pieces of art are meant for true connoisseurs of high-class handmade knives.

Noblie stocks a wide range of high-grade of custom knives crafted by superb masters. We welcome the presence of both collectors and adorers of deluxe souvenirs looking for an admirable gift or a gem collectable.

We ship internationally and have satisfied customers all over the world: from the USA, Mexico, Canada, Hong Kong, UAE, France, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, Hungary, Italy, Romania, Austria, Poland, Germany, Greece, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Great Britain, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Turkey, Croatia, Lithuania, Latvia, Netherlands, Finland, Estonia, Portugal.

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