Exclusive knives and gifts

We’ve selected our most illustrious handiworks on this page to appeal to most versed gentlemen of virtue looking for something genuinely delightful. From exclusive knives and engraved daggers to luxury chess and other unique gifts – here are the most outstanding prizes Noblie has to offer.

Most glamorous exclusives from Noblie

Noblie’s craftsmen produce hundreds of truly unique handiworks such as custom knives, daggers, luxury chess sets, backgammon sets and walking canes. Each of these masterpieces is thoroughly hand-made by an experienced master and has a unique design and brilliant finery that will undoubtedly attract the eyes of sophisticated judges of art.

Luxuriously adorned custom knives, engraved daggers and sabres would be an excellent gift to a man of power, highlighting owner’s status and character.

Exclusive hand-made chess sets and backgammon sets will make a glamorous exhibit in a stylish interior or just a great gift for a keen adorer of the game.

Small accessories, such as daintily sculptured corkscrews, will make a great present for a business partner or a friend.

An exquisite walking cane may greatly enhance one’s fashion or image as a magnificent show of status, just as it can be a useful mobility aid in many everyday situations.

Admirable exclusive gifts for you and your loved ones

Each of the exclusive gifts by Noblie is the best we can offer, a one-of-a-kind work of art meticulously handcrafted by our best masters. The richness and variety of materials, extraordinary shapes and impressive appearance – this is what makes each exclusive knife unique and markworthy. Each one is a true collectible for true proficients in the arts. Explore our huge selection of exclusive knives to appreciate the splendor of unique handicrafts meant for genuine men of power.

Whether you want to impress your business partner with a dainty and significant present, please a man of influence with an indication of status, or just bring joy to an adorer of glamorous souvenirs – you can be sure Noblie’s Exclusives have got something remarkable just for you.

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