Folding custom knives

Compactness and elegance

Folding knife is one of the most ordinary but still best inventions of humanity. Sharp and dangerous, but at the same time beautiful and elegant, a folding knife is and remains reliable in many situations. It is so simple to carry it around.

Custom folding knives especially stand out among a wide variety of folding knives. Performed with special grace, decorated with valuable materials, they occupy a worthy place in the collections of people not indifferent to the art of knife. These knives are made in a single copy in accordance with the master's conception. Manual processing and attention to every detail makes custom folding knives into an object of art.

A distinctive feature of each knife is the handle - made in white and black colors according to the scrimshaw technique, it perfectly complements the folding mechanism of the knife.

Custom folding knife will be a worthy gift to a person who is difficult to surprise. So make a real and unique surprise for your friend or a close person – buy our folding knives at Noblie store.

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