At the words folding knife, people immediately have thoughts about hiking or military tools that do not stand out among other knives, differing only in practicality. Our pocket custom knives are not only practical, but also beautiful, because their feature is scrimshaw - a unique technique of bone carving.
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A flipper knife is a manual folding knife that uses a fin-like tab which protrudes from the blade to open. Flippers are often carried in someone’s pocket and hence known as pocket knives.

A good size for an EDC pocket knife is around 3-4 inches long when closed.

A folding knife can be used for a number of routine tasks, such as opening packages, popping open bottles, getting out batteries, removing staples, or cutting loose threads.

Drop-point and clip-point blades are the best blade shapes for folding knives. Drop-point blades are the easiest to use and maintain, whereas clip-point blades with their narrow, sharp point can be sharpened easily and make for an excellent all-purpose knife.

Why the word jack was chosen is uncertain. The favored explanation is that the word comes from the Age of Sail, when the folding knife became a common accessory of almost every sailor (‘Jack’) and hence, came to be known as the jackknife.

Pocket knives such as multi-tool devices, Swiss Army knives, and knives with blades that are shorter than 2.5 inches are usually legal to carry almost anywhere.

Folding knives such as Swiss Army knives, and knives with blades that are shorter than 2.5 inches are usually legal to carry almost anywhere. However, you should remember that there are places where carrying a knife is almost always illegal, such as airplanes, schools, courts, government buildings and military bases.

A number of quality folders, such as “Malibu Wharncliffe” by Pro-Tech, “B12 Birch” by William Henry, “Halo 3 Mini” by Marfione, “Nashville Cowboy” by GTC Knives, or “Shylock” by Borka Blades, are known to be top-notch custom folding knives.

Noblie Store offers a big selection of high-end custom folding knives for sale at all times.

A number of knifemakers, such as Pro-Tech, William Henry, Noblie Collectibles, Marfione, GTC Knives, and Borka Blades, are known to be manufacturers of high-end folding knives.

Compactness and elegance

Pocket knife is one of the most ordinary but still best inventions of humanity. Sharp and dangerous, but at the same time beautiful and elegant, pocket custom knife is and remains reliable in many situations. It is so simple to carry it around.

Pocket custom knives especially stand out among a wide variety of pocket knives. Performed with special grace, decorated with valuable materials, they occupy a worthy place in the collections of people not indifferent to the art of knife. These knives are made in a single copy in accordance with the master's conception. Manual processing and attention to every detail makes pocket custom knives into an object of art.

Handle as the key element

A distinctive feature of each custom knife is the handle - made in white and black colors according to the scrimshaw technique, it perfectly complements the folding mechanism of the knife.

Pocket custom knife will be a worthy gift to a person who is difficult to surprise. So make a real and unique surprise for your friend or a close person – buy our pocket custom knives at Noblie store.

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