Hand engraved knives

Power, courage and grace – we know what you feel by looking at the Noblie’s engraved knives. These unique and made in single copy knives are true pieces of modern art. Engraved knife from Noblie is able to become a star of your collection or a posh gift for a worthy person.

Skillful masters, experts in their field, were able to realize designers’ bright ideas in real life. Our craftsmen made painstaking work and imprinted illustrations of ethnic scenes on knives’ blades. Animalistic motives, wild spaces and relict plants - the main idea of this series. Artfully made engraving, bone carving, high-qualified steel and precious metals make this collection unique. Each knife goes its own way, starting from a sketch on paper and ending with polishing in the hands of a master.

Detailed attention is paid not only to the blade but also to the handle. While blades are made from first-class materials such as Damascus steel and Bohler steel, handles are carved with the best tools with experience of professional artisans and include wood and mammoth tusk in its composition.

Need to mark that the making process can take as few weeks as some months. Knives are being made with accuracy to the millimeter and are delivered to our clients in a classy pack. Noblie is looking after every step of creating and delivering engraved knives.

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