Noblie has moved the popular practice of knife engraving to a new level of artistic daintiness by providing excellently detailed nature-themed engravings on Noblie luxury knives. Whether you’re looking for a gift for an outstanding person or another exhibit for a glamorous collection of art – you can choose from a wide selection of Noblie high-end custom knives with hand engraving.
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Yes, you can engrave a knife, even made of stainless steel. There are a number of methods used for engraving knives, such as hand engraving, electro etching, laser engraving, and more.

There is a number of techniques used in engraving knives, such as hand engraving, electro etching, and laser engraving. However, the basics are the same: an engraver cuts, either with a hand graver, or with an electrical or laser tool, lines and dots on the blade’s surface to produce an image or decorative pattern.

Engraving a knife makes it look special and personalized. You can engrave your friend’s name or a name of a special event on a knife before gifting it to make it a very distinct and memorable gift.

An engraving that is quite simple is normally done within 24 to 48 hours. However, a sophisticated hand engraving for a custom knife may take days or even weeks, as the engraver needs time to be thoroughly prepared with a proper design and tools.

Some engravings may fade away with time, especially those on soft metals. Hand engraving on stainless steel does not fade.

Knives from a number of top manufacturers, such as Barlow Norwood, Case, Dakota, Gerber, Kershaw and others, are known to be quality engraved knives. Noblie is a manufacturer of custom engraved knives since 2015.

You can buy quality hand engraved knives at the Noblie Store – a reliable vendor of custom knives since 2015.

An engraved knife looks special and personalized, as an engraving featuring recipient’s name or a reference to an important event will make the owner feel loved and keep reminding him or her of the intimate link with the giver.

Natural beauty in Noblie knifemakers’ artworks

Engraving a custom made knife with an exquisite image makes it look and feel even more special and glamorous. Noblie’s premium engraved knives come with marvellously detailed engravings depicting scenes of nature and featuring intricate traditional ornaments. Those scenes are mostly hunt-themed and depict beautiful wild animals. A high-class custom engraving that will never wear away imparts inimitable appearance to a custom knife making each of them a true piece of art and a collectable. Engraved knives make splendid memorable gifts for nearly any occasion. By personalizing the knife with an engraving, you enhance the significance and sentimentality of the gift.

Custom knife engraving by Noblie masters

Engraving a custom knife with a sophisticated image or tracery is not just an ordinary decoration technique but a real challenge for our craftsmen that each time tests their expertise. Carving an intricate design by hand is not an easy task. Shaped steel cutters with an extremely hard sharpened edge are used to carve into the material. It takes about three months to craft a premium engraved knife, and most of them are produced in a single copy.

Noblie engraved knives are covered in amazingly ample engravings depicting various scenes and ornaments. The hunt-themed images picture all kinds of beautiful animals – wolves, bears, lions, tigers, zebras. Exotic materials such as ebony and actual mammoth tusk are used for engraved knife handles. We combine the traditional methods of metalwork, high-quality materials and profound engraving expertise to deliver only the hand engraving work.

Distinctness of a hand-engraved custom knife

For sure, a beautifully crafted engraved knife is way showier and more exquisite than an ordinary mass-produced knife. An engraved knife handle even feels good in your palm. Our engraved collection offers a fine selection of high-class knives with premium engraving that could serve as a precious gift to your friend or partner. These pieces of art include customized engraving for a truly personal, one-of-a-kind gift to serve as a life-long reminder of your specialness.

All of Noblie custom engraved knives come in handmade hardwood presentation boxes and feature other premium accessories such as leather sheathes and elegant wooden pedestals for dainty showcasing.

Whether you want to commemorate an accomplishment of your loved one or make a status gift to a special person in your life – Noblie collection of premium engraved knives is your place for picking the perfect personalized knife and making an enduring gift that will be enjoyed for decades to come.

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