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Yes, you can engrave a knife, even made of stainless steel. There are a number of methods used for engraving knives, such as hand engraving, electro etching, laser engraving, and more.

There is a number of techniques used in engraving knives, such as hand engraving, electro etching, and laser engraving. However, the basics are the same: an engraver cuts, either with a hand graver, or with an electrical or laser tool, lines and dots on the blade’s surface to produce an image or decorative pattern.

Engraving a knife makes it look special and personalized. You can engrave your friend’s name or a name of a special event on a knife before gifting it to make it a very distinct and memorable gift.

An engraving that is quite simple is normally done within 24 to 48 hours. However, a sophisticated hand engraving for a custom knife may take days or even weeks, as the engraver needs time to be thoroughly prepared with a proper design and tools.

Some engravings may fade away with time, especially those on soft metals. Hand engraving on stainless steel does not fade.

Knives from a number of top manufacturers, such as Barlow Norwood, Case, Dakota, Gerber, Kershaw and others, are known to be quality engraved knives. Noblie is a manufacturer of custom engraved knives since 2015.

You can buy quality hand engraved knives at the Noblie Store – a reliable vendor of custom knives since 2015.

An engraved knife looks special and personalized, as an engraving featuring recipient’s name or a reference to an important event will make the owner feel loved and keep reminding him or her of the intimate link with the giver.

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