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We believe that any thing that has value for you requires an appropriate approach. For our knives and for you, we have developed special gloves that will make you feel more comfortable.

Neatness and respect

It is correctly said that you need to be able to handle a knife. This phrase implies the correct use of a knife, but we also put into it a different meaning, the idea of which is mainly careful handling and a kind of respect for the knife, because it is not just a cutting tool, but also a reliable assistant in many situations and in some ways a work of art. The knife, whatever it is, requires a respectful attitude on the part of its owner. Therefore, we have special gloves for special custom knives. The gloves are made of soft fabric and are available in two classic colors: white and black.

Great accessory

This accessory is a great addition to a custom knife and a wonderful gift for collectors and knife lovers. Gloves may seem like a platitude, but this is the little thing that will allow you to be careful with a knife and give you a certain sense of prestige.

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