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NOBLIE is the online custom knife store. There are more than 650 handmade custom knives for sale in stock. You can buy custom handmade knives with fast DHL delivery to the USA, Europe, HongKong, Middle East and world wide.

We would like to introduce our splendid collection of custom knives and luxury gifts to all connoisseurs and knife lovers. "Noblie Collectibles" is a catalog that represents the world of men's will in a series of works from contemporary masters of knife making and decoration. The vision of domination, strength and wisdom is elegantly shaped in handmade custom knives. Their warlike look and symbolic meaning is what makes them objects of special power. They could be a magic spell for wealth and prosperity and solemnly given as a worthy present for an anniversary, birthday, friend or business partner.

Variety of custom art knives for sale

The following collections can be founded in our catalogue:


Our custom knife store can offer pleasing options for every peculiar customer:

- Art knives — an element of the owner's prestige and taste for beautiful things. Blades made by the blacksmiths themselves have an unusual design and unique qualities. Most models are made in the form of a saber and sword, have a rich ornamentation, and also, a sheath is included with these knives. - Hunting knives — a unique accessory for every hunter, which is durable, has a sharp as a razor blade and is a reliable tool for any situation. Models of the series have various engraving variations, made with different types of metal. - Engraved knives — knives with convenient shape, unusual design and high performance. A characteristic feature of these models is the presence of the image directly on the blade. - Scrimshaw art knives — a type of bone carving that includes engraving with underpainting of the pattern. Each model in this category contains images of wild animals on the handles and blades of knives and objectifies a worthy specimen with outstanding artistic value. - Folding art knives — every man's dream. A characteristic feature of models from this category are images of famous personalities, such as Tiger Woods or Bruce Lee, and retro cars on the handles of knives. An ideal find for collectors.

We should also say a few words concerning Damascus art knives. Forged Damascus steel is created using a package of steels of varying hardness and toughness, which are stacked into the plate in a specific sequence. The plate undergoes multiple forging, forming layers and a unique pattern. Their peculiarity is a variety of patterns, drawings both on the handle and on the blade.

Each custom knife comes with a luxury box produced of valuable wood species with two pairs of demonstrative gloves. Buy our exclusive products at our custom knife store Noblie and we will deliver your gift to you anywhere in the world just in few days!

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