Custom knives

NOBLIE is the online custom knife store. There are more than 650 handmade custom knives for sale in stock. You can buy custom handmade knives with fast DHL delivery to the USA, Europe, HongKong, Middle East and world wide.

We would like to introduce our splendid collection of custom knives and luxury gifts to all connoisseurs and knife lovers. "Noblie Collectibles" is a catalog that represents the world of men's will in a series of works from contemporary masters of knife making and decoration. The vision of domination, strength and wisdom is elegantly shaped in handmade custom knives. Their warlike look and symbolic meaning is what makes them objects of special power. They could be a magic spell for wealth and prosperity and solemnly given as a worthy present for an anniversary, birthday, friend or business partner.

Variety of custom art knives for sale

The following collections can be founded in our catalogue:

We should also say a few words concerning damascus blades. This type of steel was primarily produced on the territory of Middle East and then imported to Damascus – the center of weapon production. This technique was initially lost and reinvented thanks to experimental archaeology, which aimed to rediscover its welding technique. That’s why every damascus hunting knife may serve as a generous present for a respectable person to satisfy the eye and having smooth steel coldness to the touch.


We can offer pleasing options for every peculiar customer. For hunters we have a wide range of custom hunting knives for sale. Every knife from the given series has engraving or mammoth tusk carving with the pictures of wild animals and objectifies a worthy specimen with outstanding artistic value.

Our old knife collection echoes the most dramatic episodes of human history and pays a tribute to the greatest personalities. Thus, a knife from the given set can serve as a generous gift to scholars in the field of history or highly intelligent people interested in peculiar historical dates and characters.

By the way, we have a separate pocket knife collection for sports fans and retro car enthusiasts with scrimshaw portrait of Pele, Wayne Gretzky, Bruce Lee or Tiger Woods for the first category of customers and the depiction of sports cars for the second one.

All handmade custom knives placed in luxury box produced of valuable wood species with two pairs of demonstrative gloves.

You can buy handmade custom knives in our store with 2 day world wide shipping right now.

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