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A custom knife is a high-quality knife hand-made, from butt to tip, by an experienced knifemaker in a unique copy, and often to customer’s order. Premium custom knives, apart from being extremely useful and reliable cutting tools, are also seen as stylish accessories highlighting owner’s status and fashion.

Custom handmade knives are quite popular as gifts, as a very special instrument thoroughly wrought in the form of a piece of art will definitely highlight the uniqueness of owner’s character. Exclusive handmade knives are created for true connoisseurs of art. The main value of handmade knives is that there are no and cannot be standards: each high-end custom knife is a one-of-a-kind collectible. Each knife is handcrafted from start to finish, from the forge to the grinder, to reach the highest quality and decoration l the customer can possibly have.

A handmade custom knife is deemed to be an excellent gift, because such a gift speaks of high status and character of its owner. Apart from being a serviceable cutting tool, a premium custom knife is a remarkable unique souvenir that will be appreciated for a long time.

A custom knife and a mass-produced industrial knife are two completely different objects, and it is best to consider a handcrafted blade as a work of art meant to be both an heirloom and a useful tool.

Pricing handmade knives and custom knives is a tricky thing. Individual features and characteristics of each order are taken into account. In each order, the main factors are taken into account, such as the type of material, pattern and size, type of finish, decorations and accessories (sheath, stand or display case). There are also nuances such as styles and number of knife parts, swage lengths and finishes, attachment methods, and shell liner type and size to consider.

With an individual order, the price of each knife is negotiated individually, taking into account all these factors.
Of course, in handmade products there are such details that are never found in factory products without passing through the hands of the master. A blacksmith or knife maker is driven by a passion for his craft.
Most knife makers greatly underestimate the price of their work. This is the result of a misunderstanding of what handmade means: exclusivity, a long time to produce a specimen and an individual approach to each product.
The prices of custom knives in our online store range from $500 to $2,000. The cost of unique and collectible knives may be over $7,000. You can easily select a knife at the best price for you using the sorting by price on our website ("Low to High" or "High to Low").

That is a good question. How can you know which knives and which knife makers will be valued in the coming decades? Collecting knives for pure monetary gain is pointless. Therefore, if you cannot value what you collect, in most cases you will make the wrong choice every time.

In most cases, the cost of custom knives changes from time to time, as do fashion fads. It can be compared to the stock market - you have to work hard to pick the winners, and even then, the market as a whole goes up and down. Even good choices are good investments that take time to mature. There is no reliable way to know which knife makers will cost several times their current value, so only passionate collectors who can appreciate what they are holding will enjoy every step of the process.

Buy what you like because you really like it. Condition is everything so buy the best you can afford.

Collecting knives is a hobby that can catch up at any age and haunt you all your life. In some cases, this starts with the purchase of a regular knife. Sometimes from watching a movie where you saw a knife that sunk into your soul (for example, the knife from the Rambo movie was popular at one time). It happens in different ways. Moreover, collecting knives happens in different ways. Someone collects knives by brands, someone by knife makers or by functionality - for example, survival knives, powerful and large, or men’s knives, small "suit" knives. There are those who collect knives that are known all over the world, knives that are winners of international knife exhibitions such as Blade Show USA, AKI, SICAC France and many others.
Knives that have received prizes and world recognition at international exhibitions are produced in limited editions so that those who wish can join the best of the best and purchase such a knife in their collection. The cost of such custom knives can be up to several thousand, depending on their collection value.

When starting your collection, do not try to calm the crowd and buy what everyone else gets. When you make a purchase based on the approval and recommendation of others, you will never be completely satisfied with your collection. It is essential to collect knives that grab your attention at first sight.

Are you interested in learning more about knife collecting and valuable crafts? You can always clarify any questions about knife collecting, brands, and start your collection. Visit our NOBLIE online store to admire some of the fine custom knives on the market today!

Collectors of quality custom knives may look for various features in their collection of this definitive weapon. Collected knives may be iconic manufacturing brands, vintage knives, or "one of a kind" custom knives handcrafted by knife makers.
While an iconic production knife is great to have, and vintage knives have special value, nothing says “special” like a custom handmade piece from an experienced craftsman.

A custom handcrafted knife from a reputable knife maker may become the "Holy Grail" knife, that is, the knife that is studied and coveted, which, when finally obtained, will be the pinnacle of the collection.

These knives are made one at a time, and it can take up to several months for a professional craftsman to make a piece. Knife designs can be one-of-a-kind, custom-made or reproduced on request in limited quantities.
There are many top knife manufacturers out there, but some of them stand out. Read more on that in our article "THE WORLD'S MOST COLLECTIBLE KNIVES".

Many people wonder why someone would pay $1,000 or more for a knife. Custom knives are so expensive primarily because of the higher quality material, more-labor intensive processes, and great attention to detail. The fact that custom knife makers take longer to produce fewer blades makes the price higher. In custom-made knives, you will find quality steel for the blade and unique wood used for the handle, which also in turn increases the final price.

Do not forget, a custom knife is a handmade product made in strict accordance with the wishes and requests of the buyer. The more complicated the blade, the more time it takes to finish it and, accordingly, the higher the price.
The meticulous attention to incredible detail is another reason why custom-made knives are so expensive. Filing out all the little seams so that there are no gaps between the handle and the ricasso, perfecting the finish of the handle, unique design, and no pre-made fittings are just a few examples. It all takes a good set of skills and an incredible amount of time to make it perfect.
Custom handcrafted knives are great for their unique qualities. These are amazing showpieces.

If you want to give something that will always evokes pleasant emotions, then you should definitely pay attention to the category of handmade products. One of the best gifts in this category can be considered handmade knives, which are very popular. Original handmade knives should be given to men, because such a gift is quite brutal and will appeal to representatives of a strong part of humanity. You can give a handmade knife both on holidays and as a token of gratitude. You can find and buy such a men's gift as a handmade knife in our NOBLIE online store, choosing the best option among the most original and interesting models.

If we talk about why an original handmade knife can be considered an excellent gift, then the following points should definitely be noted here:
- Such a gift speaks of resolve and courage;
- A handmade knife as a gift is a sign that a man is the head of the family and the breadwinner;
- Such a gift is a souvenir that will constantly remind a man of his main role.

Each handmade knife is a real work of art, the originality of which can be appreciated by every man. A handmade knife cannot be considered a banal gift, from which there is no sense, since such an original present will always remind a person that they tried to find something original for him, which means that they are appreciated and respected. A handmade knife is a good gift, from which you can also get practical benefits, so this present is becoming more and more popular.
Handmade knives - something that is not ashamed to give!

The process of manufacturing exclusive products takes a lot of time and requires detailed painstaking work. In the manufacture of excellent raw materials are used. Superior quality steels are traditionally used to create the blade, such as traditional damask steel and modern powder steels. Alloys have increased strength, hardness, anti-corrosion properties. For the handles of author's models, fangs and bones of animals, expensive types of wood, precious stones and other materials are used. In this regard, the prices for handmade knives cannot be low. In addition, the market value of elite blades will only grow over time.

Those products that were created not by one master, but by several professionals at once occupy a special place among collectors. Namely, the blacksmith is engaged in the creation of the blade, who uses steel of the highest quality and reliability for the knife. Then the inlay master creates an exclusive handle of incredible beauty. Elite bladed weapons can be crafted using bone. Then an experienced carver joins the work, who is able to create exceptional masterpieces from different types of bone. The creative approach and patient work of a team of first-class specialists cannot be cheap!

Exclusive handmade knives are created for true connoisseurs of art. The main value of handmade knives is that there are no and cannot be standards. Based on the foregoing, it can be easily argued that handmade knives are expensive knives!

Yes, we are open for commissions. Surely, we do advise choosing a handmade knife from our store’s stock – it would be cheaper and swifter for the customer. Our knives store features unique custom knives produced by knifemakers throughout several years of their shop activities – which allows you to choose an exquisite knife to your liking.

Please be aware that manufacturing a knife to a customer design will take 3 to 6 months subject to project complexity. We accept commissions worth at least 2,000 US dollars, as each individual order requires involving a knife designer, introducing customer’s requests and harmonizing the custom knife sketch. Producing a unique knife as per your design allows tailoring materials for the blade and handle, adorning the knife with your initials, engrave a name or a lettering, make a scrimshaw on the knife handle, depict nearly any image or a hunting scene, a human portrait or your family crest. Normally we expect a customer to deposit an advanced payment at the rate of 50 to 70% of order price. Provided your order is really handsome and peculiar, we will examine your query.

Keen collectors and ordinary users would appreciate an excellent knife. Knives are greatly multi-purpose and useful in many everyday situations like opening postal parcels, cooking, or going outdoors. In many routine tasks, knives have become indispensable and reliable instruments.

If you’re looking for a present to pamper a knife lover in your life, Noblie knife store has a really huge choice of excellent knife gifts. Whether your knife lover appreciates hunting knives, handmade knives or every day carry (EDC) knives – you will find a perfect gift at Noblie.

Explore Noblie’s large selection of knives and buy exclusive presents for adorers of custom knives, gifts for knife collectors, gifts for the military, traditional pocket knives, presents for outdoor activity fans, gifts for hunters and more!

Noblie is a reliable knife dealer of handmade custom knives since 2015. Here you can find a huge selection of hunting knives, gift knives, tactical knives, hand engraved knives, folding knives, and collectable knives fitting a most delicate taste. We constantly offer over 650 custom knives in our stock at all times. This allows our customers to obtain the purchase right away, instead of waiting for several weeks or months while the knife is being manufactured. Note that each of our premium knives is packaged in a wooden knife box that emphasizes knife’s daintiness and beauty. We offer ready-made solutions for your glamorous presents!

Shop online our huge selection of handmade custom knives from custom knifemakers!

- Sharpen the edge in good time.
- Use the knife strictly for its intended purpose.
- Always keep your instruments separately from each other.
- Use an appropriate stand or box to keep your knife.
- Always wash and dry blades right after using your knife.
- Take proper care not only of blades, but of handles as well.
- Always clean your Damascus or carbon steel knife right after using, dry it and apply RustFree oil or wax to prevent rusting.
- Apply Quick Release oil to folding knives. Keep the pivot well lubricated.
- When demonstrating collectable knives, use protective gloves, to prevent leaving fingerprints on your unique knives.
- Never keep your knife in long-storage leather sheath. Cupronickel or brass knife guards may be blemished by leather if left in the sheath for a long time.
- Do not heat up knives and do not keep knives close to open flame, as this may damage knife handle.
- Be always cautious when handling a knife!

A premium custom knife is crafted by hand, one at a time, by an experienced knifemaker, an expert that has been in the industry for years and knows the product really well. A custom knife is not mass produced in a factory like other knives, it requires a huge investment of time, effort and skill. A proficient knifemaker works on each knife as on an artistic project and weighs all factors involved – design details, type of steel, heat treating, geometry, balance, ornamentation – with genuine care. Such a delicate attention to detail is quite rare in today’s mass-production world.

Also, let not yourself be misguided by the common misconception about custom knives: the word “custom” does not mean a knife is a museum exhibit or brittle. In fact, handmade custom knives are normally way tougher and more durable than mass-produced knives. They are infallible in performing their routine tasks of cutting various materials, no matter how exquisite, ornate or bizarre they may be.

Furthermore, consider the meaning of the word ‘expensive’. If a custom knife seems not affordable to you, it doesn’t mean it is not worth the price. Most knifemakers have been in the industry for years and basically know what their knives are worth. All you need to establish is whether the knife is worth the money to you.

The general advice is you shouldn’t bridle at a handmade knifemaker’s price. If a knife seems to be too expensive for you, it doesn’t mean the knife’s price is unfair. A skilled knifemaker is an expert craftsman that has been in the industry for years and knows the product perfectly.

A proficient knifemaker invests volumes of time, effort and skill in each handicraft and treats each product as a work of art, with attention and care hardly seen in today’s mass-production world. Consider the years of experience, training and self-study, try to account for many attempts at new designs or techniques, knifemaker’s endless practice and endeavor to perfect their art, consider the specific tools and exotic materials used – and you’ll understand why custom knives are way more expensive than ordinary mass-produced knives. Also, have in mind that a premium custom knife boasts service properties (like toughness, durability, capability to keep edge, etc.) incomparable to those of ordinary off-the-shelf knives.

Still, many knifemakers are prone to negotiating prices, and they will tell you if they are willing to make an abatement. Just show a bit of respect for their elegant work and their expertise, and you’ll do fine.

Variety of custom knives for sale

We would like to introduce our splendid collection of custom knives and luxury gifts to all connoisseurs and knife lovers. Noblie Custom Knife Shop is a catalog that represents the world of men's will in a series of works from contemporary masters of knife making and decoration. The vision of domination, strength and wisdom is elegantly shaped in handmade custom knives. Their warlike look and symbolic meaning is what makes them objects of special power. They could be a magic spell for wealth and prosperity and solemnly given as a worthy present for an anniversary, birthday, friend or business partner.

The following collections can be founded in our catalogue:


Our custom knife store can offer pleasing options for every peculiar customer:

- Art knives — an element of the owner's prestige and taste for beautiful things. Blades made by the blacksmiths themselves have an unusual design and unique qualities. Most models are made in the form of a saber and sword, have a rich ornamentation, and also, a sheath is included with these custom made knives. - Hunting knives — a unique accessory for every hunter, which is durable, has a sharp as a razor blade and is a reliable tool for any situation. Models of the series have various engraving variations, made with different types of metal. - Engraved knives — knives with convenient shape, unusual design and high performance. A characteristic feature of these models is the presence of the image directly on the blade. - Scrimshaw art knives — a type of bone carving that includes engraving with underpainting of the pattern. Each model in this category contains images of wild animals on the handles and blades of custom made knife and objectifies a worthy specimen with outstanding artistic value. - Pocket knives — every man's dream. A characteristic feature of models from this category are images of famous personalities, such as Tiger Woods or Bruce Lee, and retro cars on the handles of custom made knives. An ideal find for collectors.

We should also say a few words concerning exclusive Damascus knives. Forged Damascus steel is created using a package of steels of varying hardness and toughness, which are stacked into the plate in a specific sequence. The plate undergoes multiple forging, forming layers and a unique pattern. Their peculiarity is a variety of patterns, drawings both on the handle and on the blade.

Each custom knife comes with a luxury box produced of valuable wood species with two pairs of demonstrative gloves. Buy our exclusive products at our custom knife store Noblie and we will deliver your gift to you anywhere in the world just in few days!

We ship internationally and have satisfied customers all over the world: from the USA, Mexico, Canada, Hong Kong, UAE, France, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, Hungary, Italy, Romania, Austria, Poland, Germany, Greece, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Great Britain, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Turkey, Croatia, Lithuania, Latvia, Netherlands, Finland, Estonia, Portugal.

Don't see your country on the list? Contact us for more information.

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