Old game - new look

Looking for a unique gift? Something special for a truly important person in your life? Check out our collection of custom backgammon sets that would make an unforgettable gift for just about anyone. These sets are made of premium Karelian birch. Every piece is unique since our masters make them by hand, and it takes about a month and a half to make one of them. The wooden checkers are also hand-carved of Karelian birch.

We aim to offer you only the finest craftsmanship, so we use a lot of different wood processing and decoration methods. The front side is decorated with an image of a magnificent beast like a wolf or a tiger. This is made using intarsia technique, and then pyrography is used to create an image of that beast’s paw on the back side of the board. All of those methods make sure our luxury backgammon sets are not only useful, but also quite impressive visually. They are specifically made to be tasteful gifts for true backgammon players.

New experience for the players

The insides of every set are also richly decorated with figures and ornaments. The playing field is polished to provide the most comfortable playing experience. Of course, each of our handmade backgammon sets include two pairs of bone dice. Each of our sets is unique and produced in a single copy. This way you may be sure it will be a very pleasant surprise to receive such set as a gift.

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