Luxury chess

Our collection of handmade luxury chess sets, made of high quality porcelain and rare wood is an expression of the leadership, strategic thinking and noble mind.  

The game of chess is rooted to the mists of time. The history of chess has not less than one and a half thousand years. The epochs were replaced, empires and states disappeared, but chess is still today a game that attracts intellectuals and ordinary people in different parts of the world.

Collectors, who supplement their collections with various handmade chess sets, did not stand aside. These custom chess sets can be made of various materials, including precious porcelain, rare woods and amber. Especially it is possible to highlight various themes in the manufacture of the chess set. Its thematic design can be historical, fantasy, heroic or wildlife.

Noblie presents luxury chess sets made of precious and high-quality materials: wooden chess, porcelain chess and amber chess. Each piece is hand-painted and each chessboard is made in the appropriate style. These sets will be a worthy exhibit in your collection and a great gift to a person who is difficult to surprise or to a lover of unique and original souvenirs.

Noblie catalogue
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