Our mosaic Damascus blades are forged with a combination of different steels and metals. Damascus blade is made with attention to detail, ensuring that each blade is a true piece of art. Our custom blades are crafted to stand the test of time, with a strong, durable construction. Handmade blades are designed to last for years to come, making them the perfect choice for any knifemaker or owner.
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Knife blades made from pattern welded steel feature excellent functional qualities, such as strength, durability and high edge retention of the blade.

Various types of quality steels are used to produce a knife blade, depending on knife use. Damascus steel, tool steels, carbon steels and stainless steels are popular options.

Knives with blades of different maximum length, from 4 to 5.5 inches long, are legal to carry, depending on the legislation of a particular State.

In measuring knife blade length for legal purposes, the measurement shall be the straight line extending from the tip of the blade to the forward-most aspect of the hilt or handle.

A fixed blade knife has a blade that extends into the handle of the knife (full tang, rat-tail tang or partial tang).

Run the knife under warm water or wash it in a bowl with warm water and a mild dish soap solution. Dry the knife immediately after washing.

How mosaic Damascus is made

Today, pattern welded metal goes under the name of Damascus: many layers of steel are folded and welded together to form multiple bands and wavy patterns that are impressive aesthetically. Although this is not exactly the same as the historical casted Damascus steel, this type of metal does possess the renowned elasticity and durability of the original Damascus blade.

Modern Damascus blades are built from various steels forge welded together to form billets. The pile of steel plates is hammered together into one piece to draw out and fuse the layers together. The billet is then folded like a sandwich to be again drawn out by forging. The process is repeated until a required number of layers is achieved. Alternating types of steel within the custom blade structure create impressive sightly patterns while providing the renowned excellent service properties of the Damascus blade.

Distinctness of a mosaic Damascus blade

No two Damascus blades look alike. Each of mosaic Damascus blades features unique appearance, which results from painstaking manual work. Carefulness and expertise of a seasoned bladesmith are required to combine a billet of different steels, forge-weld it thoroughly into one piece and then hammer and shape a beautifully patterned mosaic blade.

Remember the distinctive operational properties a mosaic Damascus brings. This steel makes for excellent custom knives because the combination of metals creates micro-serrations on the edge that keep the handmade blades sharper for longer. Damascus custom blades are well suitable for other uses as well, such as hunting knives, fishing knives, survival knives, and more.

Mosaic Damascus blade – a unique gift

Pre-made custom blades are perfect for novice and seasoned knifemakers to complete knife projects in a shorter amount of time. These beautiful works of art have already been hardened and pre-shaped. Although many modern superior alloys will outperform any pattern-welded steel including Damascus, owning a Damascus has become more about personal style, about showing one’s passion for the ancient knifemaking tradition.

You can use a canister Damascus blade to craft your own knife or just to make a unique present to a dedicated collector or knife maker. Explore our selection of mosaic Damascus blades to find your inimitable gift.

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