Mosaic Damascus knives are a difficult, but truly beautiful knives produced by forge welding. The custom Damascus pattern is placed in the center of each mosaic Damascus knife. These patterns are made with squares of steel stacked into a billet and repeated until the achieved size is met. Some contrasting materials to this steel can include nickel and others.
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Mosaic Damascus steel is a forge-welded steel recognizable by the mottling or wavy patterns formed by contrasting steel layers. Apart from the aesthetics, the technology also provides great service properties, such as durability, elasticity and high edge retention of the blade.

Many layers of various types of steel (normally a high carbon steel and a nickel) are welded, folded multiple times and forged together to form a complicated sandwiched structure with layers forming sophisticated wavy patterns.

Noblie knife store offers a huge selection of high quality and beautiful mosaic Damascus knives for sale at all times.

Mosaic Damascus knives are unique gifts for your business partners and friends. Have a look at the new magnificent appearance of the traditional Damascus knives crafted by our master blacksmiths. You can see the fine work of our knifemakers which have practiced the traditional mosaic knife making technique.

Production process - forge welding

Damascus steel is an ancient technology that features alternating, multi-colored veins of steel that create specific patterns. Mosaic Damascus is very sophisticated steel: the production method uses a symmetrical arrangement of blanks from different types of multi-colored steel to create mosaic patterns by forge welding. Pattern complexity may vary. Metal plates and specially-made rods which are used to create relatively simple mosaic patterns such as a 'star', 'cross' or 'mesh'; while more complex patterns, such as letters, require tailor-made blocks and linings. Even highly sophisticated images of animals can be embodied on a blade; this is the most complicated technique which requires manufacturing figure cutouts to be inserted into figure inserts made of another contrasting metal; then, the transferring of forged a pattern onto the sides (surfaces) of a blade.

Unique Patterns

Each mosaic Damascus knife is a piece of art. Their amazing look has dazzled users for centuries, and almost every mosaic pattern - and even animal or human images - can be depicted on a Damascus blade. Top-of-the-line Damascus knives feature jewels and other precious items embedded in them. Together with custom-made handles and luxurious knife boxes, each of these precious knives makes an outstanding gift for a special person in your life.

Amazing features

Mosaic Damascus knives are not only about appearance: these pieces of art also feature truly wonderful properties in terms of practical use and longevity. Damascus knives are well-known for their sharpness and ability to maintain their edges over time. Due to the combination of hard steel sandwiched between softer steel, mosaic Damascus knives can offer top-notch performance. And, they are even tougher than stainless steel knives and can retain a sharp edge for an even longer time period. However, keep in mind that these pieces of art require special care. Because, Damascus blades will likely rust if not correctly taken care of. Still a real Damascus is worth it, as the unique qualities of these masterpieces make each and every knife a collectible worth keeping as a precious souvenir in your house or to be presented to a very special person in your life.

Remember that mosaic Damascus knives are not made in a factory - a real Damascus blade can only be made by a skilled blacksmith. That is why no two Damascus knives are identical. Each of these masterpieces is a unique piece of art and is considered to be a collectible.

Hard to make - easy to impress

Mosaic Damascus knives differ not only in appearance. Handmade production ensures precision and quality, and the materials chosen for them are just as beautiful and durable.

Uniqueness is the main advantage of such custom knives. Mosaic Damascus knives are a great addition to any great collection of knives. If you are going to use knife as needed, it will not only become a reliable tool, but also help to make a good impression.

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