The greatness of damascus steel

Mosaic Damascus is a difficult, but truly beautiful pattern produced by forge welding. This pattern is noticeable at the end of each piece with its unique details and quality. The mosaic pattern is a distinctive pattern of Damascus placed in the center of each piece. These patterns are made with squares of steel stacked into a billet and repeated until the achieved size is met. Some contrasting materials to this steel can include nickel and others.

All of the knives have unique Desert Ironwood and mammoth tooth handle.

Hard to make - easy to impress

Mosaic Damascus knives differ not only in appearance. Handmade production ensures precision and quality, and the materials chosen for them are just as beautiful and durable.

Uniqueness is the main advantage of such custom knives. Mosaic Damascus knives are a great addition to any great collection of knives. If you are going to use knife as needed, it will not only become a reliable tool, but also help to make a good impression.

Carving and processing it is tedious and complicated, since the fibers have a twisted shape, but the end result is worth it!

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