Each of our elegant porcelain chess sets are an amazing handmade work of art produced with most scrupulous care by Noblie masters. Porcelain chess pieces with 22K gold are hand-painted and thoroughly embodied in an appropriate style relevant to a certain historic period or event, making Noblie chess a high class interior item or a great gift for a special person.
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Noblie Collectibles is a manufacturer of premium porcelain chess sets and other amazing gifts. Noblie porcelain chess sets feature top-quality materials and superb handicraft. Each of porcelain figurines is carefully handmade, glazed and painted by seasoned craftsmen.

Luxury chess sets are made of precious materials, such as rare wood or marble. Porcelain is a nice option, as porcelain figurines have a special touch and, when finely adorned, become real artworks.

A unique chess set is a chess set custom made, in one copy or in a limited batch, often to customer’s order. Expensive chess sets made out of rare materials, such as precious wood, amber or porcelain, lavishly adorned or dressed, qualify as unique chess. Such chess sets feature exclusive handicraft where each piece is carefully handmade, painted and garnished by an experienced craftsman.

A dainty custom chess set, for example, a collectible porcelain chess, is the best gift for a chess lover, whether it is a budding amateur or a seasoned professional. Every true chess adorer would love to have a very own personal chess set. To make it unique and personalized – gift a quality custom chess made out of premium materials and featuring outstanding craftsmanship.

Noblie exclusive porcelain chess sets are masterpieces that feature superb craftsmanship. Only traditional materials are used, and each piece is carefully handmade, painted and adorned by seasoned craftsmen. These pieces of art are made one-at-a-time and are really unique.

History and manufacture process of porcelain chess

The history of chess dates back over fifteen centuries: invented in India in the 6th century, chess spread quickly around the world. Luxury sets with chess pieces executed as miniature sculptures made from expensive materials, such as precious stones, rare woods or porcelain, have long been known: such game sets were owned by aristocrats and emphasized the status of a high-ranking person.

Creation of a porcelain chess set made of porcelain takes about a year, sometimes up to eighteen months. As a high-end chess set is usually devoted to a particular topic or historic event, the craftsman will at the start collect data and sketches about the event/topic, associated historical figures, relevant costumes and accessories, which may take up to several months.

The production process for a porcelain chess set is unique and requires much devotion from the craftsman. Before producing porcelain figurines, gypsum molds are made. The molds have to feature supreme quality to prevent any additional treatment of porcelain, as it is believed that porcelain does not like to be touched during the manufacturing stage. After several days of drying the gypsum molds, the porcelain clay mixture is poured in. After removing the products from the molds and final processing, the figurines are air-dried and then fired in kilns for fourteen hours. The polishing stage may follow, after which the figurines are hand-painted and fired for several hours again. If the production involves glazing, a third or even fourth firing is applied. Due to the intricate production process, porcelain chess sets are so expensive and deemed to be luxury items.

What makes Noblie porcelain chess sets unique

Porcelain chess sets produced by Noblie masters undergo thorough quality control. All materials are carefully processed and used with the utmost care. On the whole, our products undergo at least six quality checks before being shipped to the customer, thus ensuring a top-notch quality level.

Each of Noblie exclusive porcelain chess sets are custom designed and handmade. And moreover – we have plenty of these luxury chess sets on our stock, and you can buy them today.

These pieces of art may be used as a board game as well as for decoration purposes in beautiful interiors. Noblie porcelain chess will be a worthy exhibit in your collection or a great gift to a lover of unique souvenirs.

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