Fragile, but strict and elegant porcelain chess is truly an amazing handmade creation of Noblie masters.

Porcelain chess sets from Noblie

There are many versions of the different and amazing porcelain chess for your home and your friends or family. Each porcelain chess set was made from fine porcelain with extraordinary care and incredible precision.

We are proud to offer most unique and beautiful chess sets. Crafted in the style of historical battles and European commanders, each piece has stylized details, from the attire of the King and Queen to the dramatic full-bodies Knights atop their steeds as they charge into battle, each piece adds layers of prestige and drama to the board!

Crafted out of unglazed natural porcelain, the texture and weight of each piece adds luxury and timelessness to the chessmen, creating a luxury chess that will be used and treasured for years to come.

Noblie catalogue
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