The combination of patience, diligence and refined taste is what makes scrimshaw knives so special. Each scrimshaw knife fascinates with its details, its unique style. In our catalog you can find more than 25 unique samples of such an art.

An elegant decoration and fine workmanship

The scrimshaw technique is not as widespread in knife making as blade engraving or handle inlay. The creation of scrimshaw knife requires big patience and precise work. It is very difficult to engrave a drawing on the surface of a bone, and this becomes a true challenge for masters, as they work almost in blind - the drawing in the scrimshaw technique manifests itself only after the tinting.

Scrimshaw - a unique technique

Like any author's work, drawings in the technique of scrimshaw and pyrography are unique and unrepeatable. Custom knives are decorated with various animalistic and nature drawings and so look very original. Black and white or in color, with different subjects - everyone will find something suitable for himself and his close ones.

Detailed attention is paid to both the blade and the handle. Blades are made from first-class materials such as Damascus steel and Bohler steel, handles – from mammoth tusk and rare woods and completed with the art of the scrimshaw technique – an elegant thematic drawing.

Scrimshaw art knife will become the worthy addition to your collection. Do not miss such an opportunity to become an owner of this piece of modern art – buy our scrimshaw knives at Noblie store.

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