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Welcome to Noblie’s Knife Shop – the place for ordering, shopping and enjoying the fascinating Noblie custom art knives and other luxury gifts. We offer a huge selection of most delightful and exquisite custom knives, sabers, daggers and dirks. The plentiful variety of models and styles of these hand-made pieces of art provides a wide choice for every true adorer of edged weapons and exclusive souvenirs.

Explore the Europe’s biggest custom knife store

The Noblie Knife Shop’s large selection has plenty of glamorous luxury presents to suit a most delicate taste. Custom knives (including Damascus knives, hunting knives, and more), custom ornate sabers, custom daggers and dirks, luxury chess sets and backgammon sets, premium hand-made walking canes – here you will find a magnificent gift for a special person in your life or just another centerpiece of an admirable collection or vintage interior.

- The Custom Knives section features over 600 knives, sabers, daggers and dirks each of which is an exclusive hand-made work of art. We offer custom hunting knives, Damascus mosaic knives, engraved knives, scrimshaw knives, pocket custom knives, and ornate knives – each hand-made in a single copy by an expert bladesmith. - The Custom Daggers section features luxury hand-made daggers and dirks coming in various styles reminiscent of historical events and epochs. - The VIP Gifts section offers luxury chess sets – made of porcelain, rare wood, or amber, premium backgammon sets and custom walking canes. - The Custom Sabers section features richly decorated hand-made sabers and swords. - The Knife Accessories section offers branded accessories, such as wax kits and casings, that will protect your custom knife and emphasize its premium style.

Noblie Knife Shop – the best place to find a unique gift

Our Knife Shop features exclusive handiworks meant for true connoisseurs of art looking for something genuinely delightful. We offer hundreds of truly unique handicrafts, each of which is thoroughly hand-made in a single copy by an experienced craftsman. Each of the premium gifts offered by Noblie is a one-of-a-kind work of art meticulously crafted by a seasoned master and featuring unique design and magnificent finery. Each of these artworks is a true collectible for genuine proficients in the arts and will undoubtedly make for a centerpiece of a most pretentious collection.

Explore our huge selection of over 600 handmade exclusive knives and other premium gifts to appreciate the splendor of unique handicrafts meant for genuine men of influence. You can place a customized order or choose from items we already have in stock to get your gift delivered to you most swiftly.

Do you want to impress your loved one with an exquisite and memorable gift? Or please a man of power with an indication of status? Or just bring joy to an adorer of vintage souvenirs? You can be sure you’ll find something noteworthy at Noblie’s Knife Shop.

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