Sword canes and staffs had the show of power in days past, and no wonder they have become an estimable accessory for gentlemen all around the world. Today, apart from being a useful mobility aid, an elegant walking cane can also greatly enhance one’s fashion or image.
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A sword cane (also known as swordstick or cane-sword) is a walking cane concealing a slender blade. This type of walking stick was a popular fashion accessory for the upper-class European citizens during the 18th and 19th centuries. It served as a self-defense weapon and a symbol of status of the owner.

A walking cane with a hidden slender blade is called a sword cane, a swordstick or a cane-sword. This type of walking stick was a popular fashion accessory for the upper-class European citizens during the 18th and 19th centuries. It is still considered to be a symbol of status of the owner. When deciding to carry a sword cane, one should consider the local laws, as regulations pertaining to sword canes vary substantially from state to state.

Noblie shop is a manufacturer of high-end walking canes, swordsticks and other premium accessories. Noblie swordsticks feature top-quality materials and superb craftsmanship. Lavishly adorned with gilding, hand engraving and etching, each of Noblie walking sticks is an everyday mobility aid that greatly enhances one’s fashion or image.

Laws pertaining to sword canes can vary substantially from state to state. The laws of many states within the USA allow sword canes to be carried in public (however, a license may be required). In Florida, one may carry, but not brandish, a sword cane. However, in California, it is a criminal offense to manufacture, sell, import, give, or possess cane swords. Therefore, when deciding to carry a sword cane, one should consider the laws of the particular state regarding blade length, blade style, and concealment.

Luxury cane – an indispensable attribute of glorious past

It has been a long time since the walking cane was a status symbol for powerful and wealthy men. Today’s royal scepters and bishop’s staves are the heritage of the old tradition.

By 1600s canes became fashionable for European gentlemen to carry as part of their daily attire. The 17th century also saw new rules of etiquette formed in regard to canes, as cane use was considered a privilege. In the United States of America, presidents have often carried canes and received them as gifts (the one given to George Washington by Benjamin Franklin is kept at the Smithsonian).

By early 20th century, a high-grade cane was an indispensable accessory for the fashionable gentleman telling of individual’s wealth and importance. And so it is today: for many an elegant cane is still an exquisite demonstrative show of status rather than a mere mobility aid.

Exalted appearance matches top-notch quality of Noblie premium canes

Noblie is proud to present our collection of custom sword canes – the stylish and noble accessory for a true gentleman. Richly decorated and made of only the finest materials, our handmade canes are perfect for anyone who wants to add an extraordinarily stylish detail to their image – or make a truly unforgettable premium gift to a friend or partner.

We provide only premium materials to ensure top-notch quality. Our masters have developed a unique manufacturing process based on traditional methods of metal and wood processing to make a perfect custom-tailored cane just for you. Basically, a shaft of premium walnut wood is decorated with gilded and engraved collar and ferule. The handle is made of brass and gold – but your hand lays comfortably on another walnut element. This complex and pretty design is there to ensure comfort and style.

What makes Noblie handmade canes so distinctive

A swordstick by Noblie is not just an accessory. The palatial finery of each premium cane will be a magnificent demonstration of status of genuine men of power. Moreover, a hidden element can be embedded in your cane – a stainless steel blade hidden in the shaft decorated with various ornamentals.

All of our sword canes are handmade, which makes them thoroughly detailed and really unique. A pair of demonstrative gloves is included in every set.

In our time, walking canes are usually only seen with formal attire. However, with Noblie cane sword today’s gentlemen obtain both an everyday mobility aid and a stylish accessory witnessing of high status.

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