Swords – Sabers

Always considered to be a symbol of mighty power and worn by skillful warriors in the time the sword became an honorable part of knight’s weaponry and monarch coronation. Depending on the purpose, shape and size of the swords, they have changed into saber, court sword, rapier and every one of them inspired the blade makers to develop the manufacturing into real art. The production includes special techniques of metalworking and decoration that make various forms of sword in an article of high artistic and material value. Examples of such exclusive craftsmanship are selected and represented in our collection.

Not every weapon antiquary can take the liberty to form personal collection of antique swords. There can be several circumstances associated with possible niceties and complications. Of course, collectible swords and sabers are intended for people of distinct way of thinking, for whom nobility, courage, honesty and virtue are not empty words, but life motto. The next reason is associated with spatial resources, because every item needs certain place as it is inexcusable to shield its steel beauty from the public eye. And finally, expensive tastes mean large investments, but these financial placements are destined to become entirety justified..

Types of swords

Sword means a long thrusting and slashing bladed weapon. There are various kinds of swords, depending on their morphology. Thus, the shape of a blade can be either straight or curved; it can have one or two cutting edges and many other peculiarities. The first progenitors of swords were found in Turkey dating back to 3300 BC, their length was about 60 cm and the materials used for their production included bronze and silver for decoration. Non-the-less, many countries all over the world are proud to present their own version of sword. Here, as an example, we can recall the social stratum of samurai with different single-edged weapons for contact fighting to death.

But swords can evoke not only the scenes of bloody battles, but also remind us of the ceremony of knighting or the coronation of rulers.

Our catalogue of custom broadswords for sale and not just that

Here you may find two collections of long-bladed weapon – “Aristocrate” and “Silver Age”, where every name speaks for oneself. At the given moment, the assortment comprises the following items:

We kindly ask you to pay peculiar attention to the time-consuming manufacturing process of custom broadswords for sale – in some cases it may take up to 170 days to make the real piece of art.

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